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When Love Happens by Darcy Burke
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really liked it
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Ok first off I am going to go ahead and tell you that you will not like Tori for most of this book. She pushed every button I had while reading this book. I wanted to reach through the book and strangle her. Which is why I only gave it four and a half stars. If I can't like both of the main characters, I can't give it a full five-star review. Now, on the other hand I will say I loved Sean. He was so kind and took a lot of crap from Tori and he was more patient than I would have been.

Tori and Sean meet on New Year's and had an instant connection. Even though they lived in different towns and had very demanding job, they made it work. They had a quick relationship and fell in love just as quick. They decided to go to Vegas and he proposed to her. They got married and had an amazing night. But everything changed the next morning when she got a phone call that changed her world. And the missed call on her phone made it even worse.

Sean tried to be supportive of her and wanted to be with her to help her though with this troubling time. She kept pushing him away. He took a job in Europe for six months. When he came back he didn't know what he was going to do. She had sent him an email telling him she wanted a divorce. He does not want a divorce, but doesn't really know what he can do to . Then his boos comes to him and tells him he has a story he wants him to get. A reunion on the sextuplets. A where are they now show. He sees that as a perfect in to try to get his wife back.

Things don't go the way he wanted them to. She keeps pushing him away, and tries everything she can to get him to give her a divorce. He fights it because he really does love her and he wants to make his marriage work. Then one day she does something that he can not believe she would do, kiss another man right in front of him. He has had enough.

He is getting ready to leave when her sister Sara talks him into staying at least for a day. They do an intervention on Tori, getting her to tell them what is wrong. After she tells them her guilt, their mother tells them to leave her be and not bother her about Sean anymore. They talk her into taking a mental holiday up at their cabin. As Sean is about to leave the next morning Sara and Kyle come to say goodbye and tell him where Tori is, if he decided to go there instead of going back to LA.

He does go to the cabin and they have a magical few days. She agrees to do the show. They grew close during that time in the cabin and he made her remember all of the good ways they were together. But, when they get back and production starts, his boss tells them his real intent on the show. Sean had no idea this was what he was after. He talks to Tori and she thinks that he was just using the excuse of getting back with her to be able to produce the show the way his boss stated. He tells her that since she can't trust him he is going to give her what she wants. A divorce. She is shocked and doesn't really know if that is what she wants anymore, but he leaves.

When he gets back to the apartment above the garage he is super upset. He can't believe that he told Tori he wold give her a divorce when that was the last thing he wanted. But, he was tired of trying, because it takes two in a marriage. The next day Tori asks Sara how the interviews went and she said they were fine. They tried to ask her about Sean but, she deflected. The next day his boss tells Sara that they are going to do another interview with her and dig a little deeper. She tells him what she gave him already was fine. His boss took Tori in another room and asked if she wanted her husband to still have his job and be able to work anywhere again. She was pissed that he was going this to Sean, and he told her if she didn't get the rest of her family on board he would lose his job, and she had figured out that he supported his parents and he really needed this job.

Sean found out what was going on and he was pissed. He went into his apartment and raised the window, he overheard his boss doing some sketchy things. He texted his Kyle to come over ASAP and to make sure the production company left that the show was cancelled. He sent Tori a text telling her to watch Alex's room and her dad's office until all of the production crew was done. That the show was cancelled and he was sorry for everything. He confronted his boss and told him to get the hell out of there and to tell the family that the show was going the way he wanted or he would call the police for what they were doing. Then he left.

His boss tried to make it out that Sean was the bad guy but no one was believing that. They knew Sean and they knew he boss was an ass. After they left, Tori finally broke down. She knew her marriage was over and it was all her fault. She pushed too much.

Now, I am not going to tell you about the ending, I want you to read that for yourself. But, I must say this book even though Tori pissed me off it is a good read.

Thanks for reading my review.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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