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The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan
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Jul 25, 2011

really liked it
Read in July, 2011

I'm a bit disappointed really. Egyptian Mythology is so interesting and I love it to bits, but it was really hard for me to fall in love with it in this book. Bast was barely in it which was a let down, and Bes (view spoiler) well, Bes was pretty cool.

Anyways, Riordan did a lot of summarizing. Like there would be this big deal *cough the eight gate* and when we finally get there, we just get like, "Oh yeah, we had to fight these guys and these guys but it was whatever. The next gates passed in a blur, etc." It was just irksome. I wanted more action and whatnot. And then with Vlad? Well, okay, seriously, he was the mad guy for like all of the book and then all of a sudden Carter in hawk form is like, "Oh no he's not really bad! He didn't want this at all." And I'm just looking at the page wondering where the heck did he get that idea? Because I reread it a few times and I didn't get any hint that Vlad didn't want to be bad.

Also, in the very beginning Anubis (AHHH WHY IS HE SUCH A LET DOWN TOO!? HE IS MY AGE AND BEAUTIFUL) and Sadie see each other again (view spoiler) I always pictured Anubis to be a bit more sarcastic and bad-a and like the jerk-ish type. Not this 'I dress like a bad boy but I'm kind of bland and I don't do much'. It's just, I love Anubis so much. *sigh*

Let's see let's see....Oh yeah, I don't like Sadie much. Or Zia. I never really liked Zia. I mean her and Carter? I didn't even get a feel for them in The Red Pyramid, but whatever. Going on about Sadie, Riordan does a bad job at making her British. It just doesn't work.... at all. And she doesn't sound thirteen and it just aaahhh. I want Annabeth because she is awesome and amazing and Sadie just isn't.... And Carter is pretty bland too. We need some more character development I think.

Oh, I did love Walt. He added a bit more flair to everything with his 'disease' and cool stuff like that. Except it reminded me of Jem Carstairs in The Infernal Devices a bit, but hey, this is a bit different. Anyway, I'm a bit excited to see whether he's going to die or live.

Set became my favorite god in Throne of Fire, I really hope we get to see more of him.

Apophis will hopefully be an amazing bad guy when he does come back.

I really hope that the next book picks up the action and the bad guy just isn't vanquished at the end of the book like it's happened in these two so far. I want some cliffhanger endings where the bad guy continues to grow stronger and everyone is screwed and then bam last book and everything is a-okay.

Prediction time! Zia and Walt have some pretty big part with Ra so my guess is that Walt (in order to heal himself) will merge with Ra, like Sadie's and Carter's dad did with Osiris. That'd be cool.

And overall, I gave it 4 stars because it was pretty good and I was entertained. Huzzah!

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message 1: by Perro (new) - added it

Perro Wow. I couldn't read the whole thing. Way to review ghal!

I tried to getvthat when I first came out in Georgia but I didn't have no mooh-lah so...yeah. Let down.


And yes. I didn't have a feel for Zia because first of all I couldn't picture Carter. Then I was all "Isn't Carter a last name??" THEN when I pictured Zia I pictured her to be taller than him and I-am-mightier-than-thou so I never got them to stick in my brain just right.

UGH! Anubis! I. FEEL. THE EXAT-CT SAME. WAY!! What kind of 'mask' is that?! He barely acts bad-a anyway! This idiot....

Ok I'm gonna be ranting soon (like you just did LOL) so I'll be off. Chiao!

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* I had the exact same thought about Walt! I was like, "Okay, Infernal Devices much?" But I love him (and this book) nonetheless...

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