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Risky Behavior by L.A. Witt
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Yay! What a solid start to this series -- I am thoroughly impressed!


I think I agree with other reviews of this I've seen so far that this is more detective/mystery/crime story than romance. But only because we barely scratch the surface with Andreas and Darren's relationship. The main plot of the book takes place around 2 weeks, and ends with only a month having passed since they met. I think they're clearly very into each other by the end - and it does end on a happy note, so it's definitely a happy for now, because we're definitely getting more of these two and this series - and they care about each other very much. But we're nowhere near an "I love you" yet with these two and they definitely do not even think it in this book.

So much goes on on the crime side of the story, and so little time passes that there isn't time by the end for them to get to that. Plus, they disliked and distrusted each other at first as well. Put all that together and it doesn't leave a ton of room for actual romance.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think it still has a good portion of these two starting to fall for each other, and I think we see that with what happens and how they react to things revolving around each other and how passionate they are together. Are they at the love stage yet? No. Will they get there? Yes, they definitely will.

I don't want to say that the story is ALL crime (although that part is thoroughly interesting, but dudes I freely admit I am always primarily here for the romance, mhm) because it's not. We get our moments between these two (and a few hot scenes as well *wink wink* like DAMN) and we get some sweet moments and we get many moments all together. Just because we don't get to the "in love with each other" point yet, doesn't mean the romance doesn't start in this. And I think its good.

This story was compelling and interesting (and reminded me a little of Beckett's mother's case on Castle, because of dirty, evil politicians) and of course Andreas was not dirty, and was actually a pretty awesome character who I came to care for just like Darren does. I also loved Darren as well, he was just so good but also not afraid to hold his own. He stands up to Andreas in the beginning and its pretty hot (which Andreas probably thought as well *wink wink*) and he isn't afraid of Andreas like others. I think that went a long way in getting Andreas to trust him.

I just, loved these two, together and apart and I can't wait for the next book because I SO want to see them get to the "I love you" stage of their relationship. I can't wait to see them fall more and more in love.

Ahhh, what a good story! I love L.A. Witt and whoever the other author is (I'm not familiar with them) I like them too. These two combined to make an compelling and wonderful story.

Can't wait for more <3
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