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The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen
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really liked it
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“I have news for you, Arlen. We're on my chessboard now.”

•This series is the umpteenth proof of the fact that the most deserving books are very often the less known and hyped. This series deserves to have her praises sung for the whole world to hear. I have no words and I'm in love with such perfection -save for one tiny thing that annoys me to no end, which I'll explain in a minute.

•First things first, they say, and the first thing here can only be her: Kelsea Glynn.

“Even I won't defy her. She is terrible.”
“Let me tell you a secret, General. I am worse.”

And she is. Good God, she is.

I've already applauded her in my review of The Queen of the Tearling, and now I confirm everything I said there: she's unflinching, unshakeable in her resolve to protect her kingdom, while inwardly feeling lonely and at a loss. I loved her contradictions and I loved her courage; I even loved that she gave in to the darkness of her powers before finding in herself the will to stand and walk only on her own legs.

“Always she had been a child of the light [...]. But the world was also full of darkness, a cold gulf that beckoned. The people hungered for violence, and suddenly Kelsea wanted, more than anything, to give it to them.”

Her struggles felt poignantly real, the difficulty of her task exacerbated by the fact that in spite of being surrounded by people ready to help her and stand by her every step of the way, she basically is profoundly alone, and hopelessly isolated from everyone. She's too powerful, too intelligent and too burdened to keep up any pretence of normality. She'd rather give it up altogether. I can't express the sadness, the empathy I felt for her character.

•Blessed be the Queen's Guard, all of them, without exception. But you'll forgive me if I feel that the Mace deserves a special mention.

“Are you my father, Lazarus?”
(view spoiler)

•Unpopular as it may be, I also adored Lily's chapters, though it's true that, at first, they seem to be rather unconnected to the main story. And in this regard, let me say that this is not a young-adult novel. It contains violence, domestic abuse, and contents I would never feed a twelve or thirteen-year-old kid. I don't honestly know why it's labelled as a YA, but trust me, it's not.

•There is one great little thing that truly bothered me in the whole book, or rather, in the whole series, and that's is a thing concerning the world building. Lily's chapters were fundamental in understanding what the Crossing is and the reasons why it took place, and I was very satisfied and happy with the explanation. But one crucial doubt is still there: where does the magic come from? Basically, it popped up out of thin air. We're given no explanation for it and the characters are not even close to being dumb enough to justify their being apparently okay with the inexplicableness of this thing. It wasn't even necessary to provide the full explanation now: I think that, for it to be realistic, an attempt on the characters' part to formulate some hypothesis would have sufficed, since what clashes here is the fact that they roll with it as if it were perfectly normal.

•Also, why do Kelsea's features change so as to look like Lily's? I was confused.

➽ Needless to say, I've got high expectations for the conclusion to this series, and I don't want to let go. Couldn't it just go on forever? I'm not sure I'll ever be ready to say goodbye to Kelsea and the Mace, or this world. And if The Fate of the Tearling turns out to be a disappointment, I think I'll die of heartbreak.
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Erika Johansen
“Even I won't defy her. She is terrible."
"Let me tell you a secret, General. I am worse.”
Erika Johansen, The Invasion of the Tearling

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Gelisvb Mettiti in fila! ;-P

Simona Bartolotta Hahahah vero, se i/le pretendenti non ce l'ha lei, allora non dovrebbe averne nessuno lol
Anyway sarebbe stato un cinque se solo la Johansen si fosse degnata di spiegare da dove caspitina arriva la magia. Potrà sembrare una sciocchezza, ma è come se questo libro (la serie in generale, diciamo) fosse un quadro perfetto rovinato da un'unica irritantissima macchia d'inchiostro che c'è caduta sopra e non mi fa vedere che c'è sotto. La frustrazione, proprio >.<

Stacy Just wait until book 3! ;) I love this series!!!

Minni Mouse Love your review!!!

message 5: by Zoha (new)

Zoha Is this book romance-centered???

message 6: by Simona (last edited Jan 28, 2017 11:12AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Simona Bartolotta Zoha wrote: "Is this book romance-centered???"

No, definitely! There's very little romance and that little we have, it's so well done, I promise :)

Minni Mouse wrote: "Love your review!!!"

Thanks! I'm so afraid of book three now >.<

Stacy wrote: "Just wait until book 3! ;) I love this series!!!"

Me too! *shiny heart eyes*

message 7: by Masooma (new)

Masooma After reading your review, I have this internal feeling in my gut that I should give this book a read :)

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