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Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson
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it was amazing
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Recommended to C.G. by: Maraia

THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD AND YET SO MESSED UP. Which equals marvellousness, obviously, and unfortunately it makes it impossible to review. I recommend going into it blind!! I do!! All you need to know is that it that YOU NEVER HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION and also YOU WILL CRY. Because this book is insufferably painful and unfair. The amount of heinous abuse Mary goes through absolutely smashed me in the guts. Everything was horrible. And if a teeny tiny microscopically good thing happened to Mary, I just braced for the pain that would be coming afterward because this book has two moods: unfair and also unfair.

Poor Mary. POOR MARY.

Okay but also the writing is stunningly good. It's slow, though, I will admit that. It too me 3 days to read this and I generally read a book this length in 1 day. And it felt awfully slow in the middle?? But at the same time it was entirely addictive and I wanted to devour every word. Sometimes I skim books?? BUT I DID NOT WANT TO EVER SKIM. The writing makes every character complex and real and every scene leap off the page. And by "leap off the page" I mean the writing does that just so it can stab you in the heart a few times.

It's actually a really hard book to read. Mary is horribly abused throughout the whole book. By her mother, by the justice system, by girls in her group home. She's sexually and physically abused as a child. Everyone HATES HER for a crime she says she didn't commit. I felt for her, I really did and when she got pregnant and just wanted to keep her baby (nicknamed "Bean" ajfdsakflda) but yet she was 100% sure to lose him to the adoption system because she was jailed for killing an infant??? LIKE I JUST WAS SO FREAKED OUT THE WHOLE TIME. Life is unfair. This book is unfair. Don't come in here expecting there to be sneaky rainbows. There are no sneaky rainbows. ugh my face is leaking.

(view spoiler)

ALL IN ALL: I absolutely recommend reading this immediately. It's part murder mystery, part contemporary. It deals with the brutality of racism and life as a black teenager convicted for murder and how warped the justice system can be. It talks about psychological, physical and sexual abuse and how that shapes a person. It talks about judging and hypocrisy and cruelty of people's assumptions. The writing and storytelling is AMAZING (seriously watch out for this author in the future as well omg) and I WAS TOTALLY SUCKED IN AND FEEL LIKE MY MIND WAS PUNCHED AT THE ENDING. I've been emotionally manipulated by a book. Wow, dude, wow.
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20.0% "This is completely haunting. (And very well written omg.)"
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52.0% "Every time something aCTUALLY GOOD happens to Mary I start to panic because like there is a 99.9% chance the book is going to be horrible to her straight after.
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Harker Oh boy. You have no idea where this is going. Trust me. O.O

Lucia I have been following your updates and waited for your rating and review. And now I know that I am reading this next. I need powerful story with perfect writing and this seems to be it!

message 3: by Daisy (new)

Daisy Paquet What the? *reads review again* holy cow...

Kate Foley I SO WANT TO READ THIS. It's been on my list ever since I saw the cover and read the blurb. But for some reason my library doesn't have any of the 2017 releases I want to read, so I'm trying to decide whether or not to spend all my money on ebooks (because I'm incredibly impatient). But from the sounds of this, I really should.

Kristin (KC) Wow, what a fabulous review! I can't wait to get to this one!

message 6: by Charley (new)

Charley Robson *conflicted noises continue* Arrrrgh!

message 7: by Inkling (new)

Inkling Reviews Charley wrote: "*conflicted noises continue* Arrrrgh!"
That pretty much sums up my reaction.

C.G. Drews @Lucia: YES! For sure definitely read this one!!

@Daisy: READ IT.

@Kate: Duuuude, it's worth it I promise. And this is coming from someone who almost always just likes fantasy. XDXD (It's so mind twisty. Eeeek!)

C.G. Drews @Kristin: I hope you do!!


message 10: by C.G. (new) - rated it 5 stars


message 11: by Kate (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kate Foley All right, thanks to you I bought the ebook. XD One chapter in and I'm hooked. WOW.

message 12: by Inkling (new)

Inkling Reviews Cait (Paper Fury) wrote: "@An: IT'S 5 STARS. YOU CAN'T BE CONFLICTED. GO TRY IT. XDXD"

*whines* But it's gonna make me sad!

Seriously, I've almost purchased this book a few times, it's in my hand, and then I chicken out. My current reading mood is either adventure, funny, or smexy.

message 13: by Esther (new)

Esther Dagnabit! Usually when I see you rate a book 5 FREAKING STARS I want to read it immediately!! Honestly though I don't think I could emotionally handle reading this. Which makes me sad because people aren't aware of how many people have Nightmares in place of Childhoods. I'm glad you appreciate it though!

message 14: by Charley (new)

Charley Robson *screechy noises* i know i want to try it but i literally cannot stress how much i H A T E baby-centric storylines like this is a literal mountain i am trying to whittle down with half a teaspoon. arrrgh. what dooooo.

message 15: by C.G. (new) - rated it 5 stars

C.G. Drews @Kate: Omg I'm so glad!! I really want to read your review when you're done if you write one!!

@An: Well it definitely isn't adventure, funny, or smexy haha....

@Caitlin: YOU GOTTA TRY IT THOUGH. IT'S SO GOOD. And I barely ever rate books 5stars. XD

@Charley: Ohhh, yeah, I do actually remember you've said that you don't read baby-centric stories. Whoops. XD

message 16: by Charley (new)

Charley Robson @Cait - It's a weird personal thing that I struggle with. I might be able to get over it if the story's any good. Perhaps i shall get it on Kindle.

M F This book freaking HAUNTED me. Like, I read it late at night and the ending was kind of !!! because it really pulls the rug out from under you, right? But I thought I'd be okay a day later and instead I was sitting there in lectures thinking about it because it would not leave me ALONE. I don't even know if I LIKED the book (since it's not really my thing) but in terms of unreliable narrators it's damn effective.

Eilonwy I feel entirely manipulated by this book and I don't know what to think/feel.

Tzivi This whole review. 100%


Heather Smalley Holy crap! I think she might have eventually killed “bean” when he did something she didn’t like. In that last crazy chapter she talks about how much she loved Alyssa, yet she was jealous and thought Alyssa was bad enough to kill her. Then she says “This time I’ll do everything right because Bean will be a good baby. He’ll never cry and then everyone will see how good I am, especially Mrs. Richardson.”

Of course Bean was going to cry. All babies cry. I think then he would have suddenly died in a way which no one would have suspected Mary. She’s too smart at this point and could have played the bereaved mother card well.

Ugh! Crazy ending!


Chelsea Doran Omfg your review was perfect and actually made me laugh. It described exactly what I was thinking/feeling/experiencing. I couldn't believe it.

message 24: by Christina (new)

Christina I feel the exact same way and have no clue what to say like WHATTTT

message 25: by Yolanda Gaines (new)

Yolanda Gaines I just finished this book and these comments are normalizing my feelings completely. Thank you! I needed this. It’s interesting that she mentioned the book PUSH because my reaction to this book is very similar. Those last chapters were too much and just undid everything I thought I knew about these characters and their experiences. The only thing I know for sure is things will not end well for Benson. Actually, it looks pretty bleak for everyone but the attorney and tutor. I need a nice light beach read, some cute animals videos and a hug after this one.

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