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Integrity by Henry Cloud
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Jul 25, 2011

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Realistic, level-headed, practical, wise advice about developing one's integrity in a business context. The book stays close to the philosophies of relationships and personal development laid out in Cloud's other work. I believe I will take a lot of things from this book and apply them to my situation, filtered through my own worldview, which I believe is a bit different than Cloud's.

That leads me to my major critique of the book, which doesn't have as much to do with the content of the book (because the content is wise, no matter who you are), but more to do with the fact that the author is a professing Christian. As a Christian, I would have expected at least some mention of the Gospel or something which would lead me to believe his advice couldn't be found on Oprah, Dr. Phil, or some other pop-psychology. Unfortunately, there was nothing related to the Gospel and very little that really suggested that the author was a Christian himself.. This was disappointing and confusing, because it makes little sense to write a book which is entirely in the imperative mood (listen to this advice, heed this wisdom, learn from this example, follow these principles, obey these laws), when Christianity's distinctive is that it is first and foremost indicative (this is who God is, this is what God has done, this is who you are, this is the nature of your relationship to the church and all the people around you in light of your relationship to God). That said, I believe the content of the book is quite useful, but it will only show someone how to live well, not what life is. I'm afraid the latter must precede the former.

My other critique was that Cloud was rather inconsistent or vague in the way he used the words character and integrity--synonymous at times, but different at others--and their meanings seemed to shift somewhat, particularly toward the beginning of the book.

All said, I think I got a lot out of it, and I would recommend it, but preferably coupled with some Gospel.

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