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A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan
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Jul 25, 2011

it was ok

This is a really bland book. Nothing happens.

Nothing happens.

Nothing happens.

The emphasis is far too heavy on the (mostly) obnoxious female characters; it's hard to feel any sympathy towards Nynaeve and Elayne who are just pains in the arse. I really, really hate Elayne to the point that I hope she gets horribly killed by a gholam in book 12.

The final battle with Sammael is dull and unsatisfying, for something that has been building up for an incredibly long time, it is over in a few pages. Terrible, terrible ending. On the basis of the inadequate ending, this book doesn't even deserve three stars. After a relentlessly uneventful epic tale of people frowning at each other and glaring, you want something to lift the pace...

The only saving grace of this book is the hilarious situation that Mat finds himself in with the Queen of Ebou Dar, Tylin. In fact, the sections with Mat are the only parts that I really enjoyed.

Rand being crowned king of a nation should be a thrilling moment, but it does not come even close to matching the climax of book 6. This book is a massive disappointment.

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