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Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn
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Anusha Isabella!!! How could you?? You PROMISED me you would read the Power of Six!!!!!! How could could you...=)

Isabella I said very,very soon. I did not say that that would be the next book I would read. :)

Anusha But.. But.. "sniffle sniffle" You promised!!!! You have the book!!! Just read it!!! Fine..when ARE you going to read it then??

Isabella Well my last 3 library books are due Monday so I am definetly getting this book done and Pretty Little Liars, so probably Monday at the latest. I promise I will read it. No gurantees I will have it done quickly though cause there is alot of homework to do for school. :( Do you have a lot of homework?

message 5: by Anusha (last edited Sep 15, 2011 08:25PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Anusha Yeah, I guess, but the teachers just give you automatic 100% for just doing the homework....stupid texans... But what are you doing in school??? Did you get a nickname from sowders?? DOES EVERYONE MISS ME?!?!?!?!?! Tell me everything!!!!

Isabella Technically aren't you now a Texan? Lots of things. We have homework in science almost every night, in La we are doing videos on the book The Revealers and its alot of fun(don't have Sowders by the way I have Randolph and she is alot of fun. Lots of work from her though) and our first paper was due today. Math I'm getting good grades and getting my homework done quickly, I LOVE having Mr. Howard. He is sooo much fun! Of COURSE EVERYONE MISSES YOU!!! our lunch table is incommplete with out you!! So WHAT HAVE you been doing? Tell me everything! The homework, new fiends, teachers, EVERYTHING!!! I want to know!!! :)

Anusha Ok well technically I'm still a Hoosier because I consider myself to be. And glad that your having fun at school!!!!!!! Ok if you really want to know every thing, then this is gonna take a lonnnnnngg time. Well first off, the weather is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! It's so darn hot!!!!!!!!! And school is ok, but not good. The people in my grade are so hostile!!!!!!! Like the first day, no one even said "hi!!" cuz theyre so mean!!!!!!!!! I mean you don't have to be best buds with me, but still, I didn't expect them to be so cruel!!!!!!!! And the library sucks!!!!! It's all like the books I read in 2nd grade!!!!! And I HATE my LA teacher!!!! Seriously, I'm not learning anything!!!!!!!! The kids in my class are so STUPID that were still learning alliteration!!!!!!!!! I'm not kidding!!!! I've made a couple friends but not as many as I would've wanted. There's this girl who's the same religion as me, Muslim, and she is so awesome and she's a new kid too, so were like best buds now. But aside from her, I only know like 3 other people!!!!!! It sucks!!!! And I REALLY miss playing cello!!!!!! Waaahhhh!!!!! I HATE it here!!!!!!! Fly over here and take me back to Indiana!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(

Isabella Ok, cause I still think of you guys as Hossiers too anyway. :) I'm sorry its hot!!!!! Haha! Sorry that the Library SUCKS!! I thought it needed some emphasis so I capitalized it. So ALL of them are stupid? Are you absolutly, positively sure? Cause if ALL of them are stupid I might have to send a helicopter to take you guys away and back to Indiana. I'm glad that you have at least made one really good friend. I hope you make more!!! Aren't you going to take cello lessons? I know not the same as actually playing at school but still at least you are playing. I will get on my private plane now and race there to get you!!! You can get back into your old house and live there and come back to school!!! We need you back!!! I reallllllllllllly MISS YOU GUYS!!! You have to come back next year or when we are freshmen in high school!!! Preferibly sooner!!! :) :) :) :)

Anusha Yes ALL of them are seriously stupid!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yeah my mom says once we get the boxes unpacked, she will get my a private lesson teacher!!!! And I really hope we can visit sooner than high school,!!!!!!!!!

Isabella HAHA!! You are really blunt,you know that? Thats great! I know! I hope you guys can visit next summer!!! :)

Anusha Wait blunt????? ME!?!?!?!?!?! What are you talking about you insane little child!??!?! No seriously what are you talking about????? I really don't get it..... Yes I really hope we come this summer!!!!! So how's school??? Anything change???? You guys still have lunch after 2nd period.?? Hey how's French horn going???

message 12: by Lucy (new) - added it

Lucy Patnaude i have to read this book
looks like a good book

Isabella Haha! I like the part and I qoute " What are you talking about you insane little child!??!?!" Very funny. But yes you can be blunt. But it is one of the many great qualities of you! :) School's good. Actually this year we have lunch when the 8th graders are supposed to!! It was bad at first but we have gotten used to it. French Horn's good. I have the chance to get in to All Region Band and Jazz Band. I hope that atleast I get into Jazz Band. :) So have you played cello at all?

message 14: by Lucy (new) - added it

Lucy Patnaude again 'left out

Isabella I got this from Harris Library. Reallllllly good book. :)

Anusha Isabella wrote: "Haha! I like the part and I qoute " What are you talking about you insane little child!??!?!" Very funny. But yes you can be blunt. But it is one of the many great qualities of you! :) School's goo..."
I am not blunt you "insane little child!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!" but I hope you get into Jazz band!!! Sounds fun!!!! Sadly, no I have not yet had a chance to play the best instrument in the world,the cello.....:(:(:( and it sucks that you guys have lunch after 4rth period!!!!!! Haha sucks for you!!!!!!!:)

message 17: by Lucy (new) - added it

Lucy Patnaude left out again

Anusha Sorry Lucy!!!!!!!!!!! So hows school for YOU????? Are you doing rotations or music???? I never got a chance to ask you...

message 19: by Lucy (new) - added it

Lucy Patnaude great i am in mucic(chior

message 20: by Lucy (new) - added it

Lucy Patnaude )

Isabella Thjanks Anusha! I don't mind that we have luch 4th period cause we were going to have it 4th period next year anyway. And I am not an "insane little child"! Oh wait maybe I am.....I will have to think about that.

Anusha You don't have to think about it!!!!!! It's already a scientifically proven fact that you are.....(wait for it.....) AN INSANE LITTLE CHILD!!!!!!!

Isabella But nobody has done any scientific test. Unless they did them without my knowledge.....

message 24: by Anusha (last edited Sep 25, 2011 04:01PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Anusha Well DUH!!!!! They couldnt just TELL you they were doing scientific tests in you, now could they????? DUHR DE DUHR!!!!! Seriously, sometimes I feel like you're even more blunt than me!!!!!!! Which is saying somthin'!!!!!

Isabella Haha! Well technically they could tell me. :)

Anusha Uugghh...... You know, I give up on you!!!!! Youre just to much to handle!!!!!!!!!!! ITS CALLED SARCASM!!!!!! I DON'T CARE IF THEY TECHNICALLY COULD, IT DOESN'T MATTER CUZ IM BEING SARCASTIC!!!!!!!!!! See, know you just got me all worked up for nothing!!!! You know I'm starting to see the reason call you an"INSANE LITTLE CHILD!!!!!!!," :):):)

Isabella Yeah, yeah. I'm aware of what sarcasm is considering Ms. Burnette is here. :) But I am not an "INSANE LITTLE CHILD"!!!! :) :)

Anusha Fine, would you prefer "LITTLE INSANE CHILD"??!?!?!???

Isabella No but I am little. :) So thanks. :)

Anusha Well, I guess that is are pretty short....

Isabella Yeah... but that works for my speech cause tris is sgort too. :) And think of how many small places I can fir into. :) Kinda handy actually if I am trying to hide from someone... but it also sucks cause I can't see over people. :( Oh well. :)

Anusha Well you can't really hide from people in small places because your too fat and you wouldn't fit....just kidding!! And yes, it does suck that you can't see over people, unlike me!!!! Ha ha!!!

Isabella Very funny. >_< Well thats why you where tall shoes or get on a stair or something. :)

Anusha Sure...ha!!! You in high heels???? Hahahaha!!! Very funny Isabella.....

message 35: by Lucy (new) - added it

Lucy Patnaude ????

Anusha I know!! Isabella in high heels is just too funny!!!!!!

Isabella Hahaha! They wouldn't have to be high heels. Most likely I would twist an ankle after about 5 steps. They could be combat boots or something though. :)

Anusha Yeah, you in combats???? Even funnier!!!!! Your just a regular sneaker type o' person, your not cool enough to wear combats!!!! But me, yeah I could wear combats!!!!

Isabella No you couldn't. I however can. :)

message 40: by Lucy (new) - added it

Lucy Patnaude good 4 u Isabella

Isabella Thanks. :)

Anusha Umm keep living in your little fantasy world where you wear combats!!!! You know, making fantasy worlds is the first sign of insanity........

Isabella Hahaha! Well Anusha I guess you are at the first sign of insanity.:) And yes I can wear combat boots.

Anusha No, I was indeed referring to YOU, ISABELLA!!!!!!!!! I, on the other hand, DO NOT make up little imaginary worlds!!!!! But you do!!!!! I have the facts that prove it!!!!!!

Isabella I don't make up little fantasy worlds and you have no proof! Unless of course it is required for LA then I do! :)

Anusha Ok first of all, YES!!!!!! I DO have proof!!!!!! Would you like to know what it is??? Well tough luck!!!!!!!!! It's TOP SECRET information!!!!!!! And what the heck???? LA????

Isabella Yeah, sure you do Anusha. And your not telling me cause you know you have NO proof! Hahaha! Its fun to confuse you! :)

Anusha Ok back up a little....mmmhmm...yess...yup.. Ok , so first of all, I DO have proof!!!!!! I just...misplaced it!! Yeah, misplaced it!!!! Ha!!! And, I admit, I am very easily confused.....

Isabella Yeah, just keep telling yourself that. :) Hahaha! So you admit it! :)

Anusha Admit what..... See you'll never know!!!!! MWAHAHA!!!! BWAHAHA!!!!!

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