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Every Second Counts by Lance Armstrong
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Jul 24, 2011

really liked it
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I spent less time reading this book than Lance spends in the saddle on a given day but that hardly makes this a bad book, just a fast read. As with It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life, I read this book almost all in one night, then woke up the next morning and finished it off. As with the previous book, it is incredibly readable and pages fly by.

Reading this book in 2011 forces a different perspective and more thought than if one had read it in 2004. Lance is under investigation again, but this time in the U.S. It seems that the outcome will be similar to that of the French investigation recounted in the book. It made me see the current inquest in a different light because I was clearly reminded of how the French one unfolded.

Also, it is interesting to read Lance's thoughts on Frankie Andreu, Tyler Hamilton, and, of course, Floyd Landis. All three of these riders have come forward to say that Lance doped. It is fascinating to try and reconcile their behavior (and Lance's) with how they are portrayed in the book. Landis, in my opinion, makes for the most interesting character study. One can see the possibility of his demise when looking back on this account now.

I found this book to be inspiring and insightful; inspiring to read about the struggles and the triumphs and insightful to read about Lance's efforts to make his life after cancer make sense while finding a sustainable balance. He is far from perfect, but he certainly seems far better suited to this than anyone else on the planet.

A last thought: what if he did dope? Would it sully his survivorship? Clearly it would taint the cycling victories, but would it discount everything else that he did that changed professional cycling? No one else trained like he did, scouted like he did, sought miniscule ways to improve the way that he did until he had success doing those things. I would be disappointed if it turns out that he cheated when it came to drugs but I would still believe in his status as an icon in sports and life.

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Melissa I have this one if you want to borrow it--not as good as It's Not About the Bike, but definitely something to read for those of us who are always looking for a new book.

Eduardo I actually bought it at Borders. I am sorry that they are going out of business but I sure did buy a bunch of their books for cheaper! Thanks for the offer!

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