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The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie
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Jul 24, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Kindled for free. This book certainly takes your mind for a run! You think you have it all figured out... but do you? are you on a wild goose chase? Wait, were you right the first time?! Definitely keep going until the end even if you think you have it all figured out, but don't skip ahead!

Since I can't really quote the best parts of this book (the unfolding of the mysteries in the plot) I'll give you the bits I found amusing about the culture... Anyway, four quotes today because two are short:

"The policeman cast a suspicious eye on him. Tommy felt slightly offended. Then, passing his hand over his face, he laughed. He had not shaved or washed for three days! What a guy he must look."

"I guess he forgot American girls are older for their age than English ones, and take more interest in scientific subjects."

" "Ha!" said Sir William, eyeing her. "Girls aren't what they used to be in my young days." "Yes, they are," said Tuppence. "Their clothes are different, perhaps, but they themselves are just the same." "Well, perhaps you're right. Minxes then—minxes now!" "That's it," said Tuppence. "I'm a frightful minx myself." "I believe you," said the old gentleman, chuckling, and pinched her ear in high good-humour. Most young women were terrified of the "old bear," as they termed him. Tuppence's pertness delighted the old misogynist. "

""You haven't really proposed now," pointed out Tuppence. "Not what our grandmothers would call a proposal. But after listening to a rotten one like Julius's, I'm inclined to let you off." "You won't be able to get out of marrying me, so don't you think it." "What fun it will be," responded Tuppence. "Marriage is called all sorts of things, a haven, and a refuge, and a crowning glory, and a state of bondage, and lots more. But do you know what I think it is?" "What?" "A sport!" "And a damned good sport too," said Tommy. "

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