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The Writings of "Fiona MacLeod" [Pseud.] by William Sharp
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Jul 24, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I’m not quite sure what this volume is supposed to contain, but I’ll put my review here anyway…
Fiona Sharp writes with a mixture of amazing short stories like The Dark Nameless, Cathal of the Woods and some of his ones about when Cathbad meets Colum Cille (if I seem to like the pagan ones better it’s because they actually have a plot ;>) Some of the others are terrible though, and you should avoid any stories with “Swords” in the title or first paragraph (these are actually fanfiction for the Barzaz Breiz collection of Breton poetry). Anyway, three more quotes:

(excellent help with colloquial gaelic… Just give me an excuse ;>)
Gach la is gach oidhche Ni mi cuimhneachadh air sloinneadh Brighde, Cha mharbhar mi, Cha ghuinear mi, Cha ghonar mi, Cha m.ho dh' fhagas Criosd an dearmad mi; Cha loisg teine gniomh Shatain mi;

" Droch spadadh ort," answered the seal, " A bad end to you, Colum of the Gown

(Cool info about supernatural beasts)
" Yes," he said, " I have heard of the each- uisge (the sea-beast, sea-kelpie, or water- horse), but I have never seen it with the eyes. My father and my brother knew of it. But this thing I know, and this what we call an- caiUeach-uisge (the siren or water-witch) ; the eailliach, mind you, not the maighdeannmhara (the mermaid), who means no harm. May she hear my saying it! The eailliach is old and clad in weeds, but her voice is young…
' The English equivalent of Annir-Choille would be the Wood-nymph. The word Annir is an ancient compound Gaelic word for a maiden. 32i

(Amazing storylines)
"Ay, it endureth. Long, long ago, before Oisin sang, before Fionn, before Cuchullin was a glorious great prince, and in the days when the Tuatha-De Danann were sole lords in all green Banba, Black Angus made the woman Kirsteen McVurich leave the place of


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