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Weekend in Paris by Robyn Sisman
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Jul 24, 2011

really liked it

Weekend In Paris by Robyn Sisman is an intriguing story about a very young girl, Molly Clearwater, who abandons her goody-two-shoes attitude and impulsively boards a train to Paris. In the 48-hour time span that the story takes place in, Molly makes up for a lifetime of missed experiences, thanks to her over-protected upbringing. In fact, so much happens to her in such a short time, it'll leave your head spinning. It's incredibly exciting to follow such a likeable character through such an important time in her life.

During the first couple of chapters, you may feel like the story is dragging along and not really going anywhere. My advice: hold on. Toughing out the rough introduction is more than worth it in the grand scheme of the story, and you'll really miss out if you abandon this book prematurely! It's hopelessly easy to get caught up in all of the emotions being experienced by the main character, and you'll fall in love with the uniquely complex characters that Molly Clearwater meets and befriends while in Paris. This book will make you angry, it will make you anxious. It will make your heart swell with love and excitement, and then leave it aching. It will make you want to dance, and it will make you feel exhausted. The emotion spills off the pages like a waterfall, and you won't be able to resist diving in head first.

Robyn Sisman didn't just make this story up out of thin air. She's actually lived in Paris, as well as many other places all over the world. She's got a first-hand experience on multicultural relationships, which accounts for the various unique personalities of the characters in Weekend In Paris. As you will see if you have a look into her books, she writes about what she knows, which gives them a tremendously personal feel that's irresistible. I get the feeling that many of the characters in this book are spin-offs of people that she actually knew when she was a young girl herself, experiencing Paris for the first time.

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