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Between Friends by Sean Michael
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Jul 24, 2011

Read in October, 2011

I learned a valuable lesson with the Between Friends book/series, and that lesson is to never buy the entire series until after reading the first book. Between Friends, the first book in the series, is so bad that I'll not suffer through the remaining three books. I'll move them to my abandoned shelf, where, with time, they might age and improve. The plot is nonexistent, the characters of Sammy and Jason are portrayed as perfect little wives, cooking, cleaning, bandaging up their men, and totally subservient to their husbands needs. Where's Gloria Steinem when you need her. I felt embarrassed for them. The only character that I could feel anything about was Harry. He felt real, unlike the other characters.

I give Between Friends one star.

Edited - 10/30/11

After guilting myself over this one star review, I now feel that I might have been a bit harsh in my criticisms. Therefore, I'm going to pull the review, for now, and rewrite it later.


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