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The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum
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Jul 23, 2011

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** Earlier this week, I finally managed to finish reading Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Identity. What drove me to grab the book when I saw a copy in Book Sale, was the fact that I always see it on cable and could not finish up the movie since I feel tha the movie is way too fast paced than the book, and that there are important details in the book that were skipped or changed during the movie. I actually got it for my husband since I know he likes the movie and thought that he’d be interested in reading it too.

It took me more or less two weeks to finish up the book. So what’s my take on it? Well, first was that the movie did not do justice to the book. There has been too many revisions and ommissions. So far the only thing that was similar to that of the book was the fact that he was somewhat fished out of the tumultuous sea and was treated by a doctor and that his body has markings which were apparently, an account number in a the Swiss bank.

The story line is very interesting, it is about an amnesiac trying to tie up the loose ends of his past, as he saw images of faces, places, names and events that is instrumental to discovering the past he has left behind. In his quest to find himself, fate drew him to a woman of in-depth knowledge of world banking ordinances and military intelligence and financial trade protocols. Together, they tried to work on putting together the pieces of his broken past, and the picture that is coming up is scarier than they initially thought. As they try to do so, two things became clear, there are 2 parties that want him dead, one would be the target that was clearly part of his mission before he lost his memory, and the other, the agency that employed him for the said job.

Robert Ludlum is a truly gifted writer, I’ve no doubt about it. But the Bourne Identity just didn’t hack it for me. Perhaps one big reason for that is because there has been too many differences in the movie. I’ve yet to watch it again for another scrutiny. On the movie the fashion house which is the relay for the assassin he is supposed to take down is not included, the role of Julia Stiles is also ambiguious and I cannot seem to place her and identify which character she played based on the book.

I understand that the book was the first of a 4 books series, but I guess I was just hoping that there will be more clarity in the ending. But well, it is obviously meant to make the reader look forward to the next book. For now, I guess I’m good with the first book. I did not get that kind of feel good feeling when you finished reading a book that you truly enjoyed – kinda like relishing a truly delicious meal, one that will make you lick your lips and fingers for every last morsel, and leaves you truly satisfied, more so you will end up discussing the meal to your fellow diners. That’s exactly the kind of feeling I got when I read HP 7 and Slumdog Millionaire. I had to relish the story for a few days, which meant I was book free for a few days. With the Bourne Identity though, I find myself saying “next” immediately after reading it. I guess it’s really a guy novel.

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