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Mélusine by Sarah Monette
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it was amazing
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This book was a beautiful, unexpected love. I have bumpy relationship with fantasy. Some of my all-time favorite books are fantasy, but at the same time I DNF'd more fantasy books than probably in any other genre. And I don't want to say that ah ha, 'Melusine' was a better book than all those I tossed away. It's just that it was a book that clicked with me. In every possible way. I saw in some other reviews the things that didn't work for people, and I understand it, but I think they were exactly the ones I loved most.
I loved the way Sarah Monette fountains with names, places, dates and historical events, the way you can make sense out of some of them from context or by analogy, and some don't come to mean anything, at least for now, but you still can enjoy the sound of them. I loved the frequent change of p.o.v. (okay, with me being "oh look, shiny!" I prefer a story to be told in shorter installments rather than in too long ones). Besides, since for a long time two main characters don't meet and are not in the same scenes, we don't have any redundant descriptions like "A looked at B and thought" - change of p.o.v. - "B looked at A and thought". We have two parallel stories where some scenes perfectly counterpoint each other.
I don't think this book is a fantasy m/m romance, though. It is rather fantasy where one character is gay (or more, maybe). I don't know if it becomes m/m romance later - and I don't want to know. I'm okay either way :) I'm okay with everything there is in this book - and looking forward to finding out what happens next (yeah, I know I will remember these words when I hate something that happens in the next books, and I can bet I will - but now I'm so much in love :))
Oh Felix. Oh Mildmay. I love both of them with all my heart. It was Mildmay's voice that captured my attention as soon as I started reading, and the more I learned about him, the more I liked him. And Felix - okay, at times Felix was not easy to like. But - with all that suffering that heaped, and heaped, and heaped on him - and you know my love for traumatized characters - there was no way I wouldn't fall in love with him. And God, did he suffer! This book really should be on top in the "tortured hero" list on Listopia - is it? And then there were moments when Felix didn't suffer - and wasn't a prick - like when (view spoiler) - and these moments, even though rare, were especially beautiful.
I enjoyed their separate stories before their meeting, both of them were equally fascinating. But after they met - the book, like, exploded for me. In a good way. That chemistry! And it is not any less because is not romantic chemistry (view spoiler). Together Felix and Mildmay are awesome in every interaction of theirs.
(view spoiler)
I'm a bit nervous about starting the next book, because I loved this one so much there is only one way from the top - but of course I can't stay away from it :)
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5.0% "Unexpectedly, I'm liking this. Felix is such a delicious drama queen, and I love Mildmay's no-nonsense voice, so it's win-win so far."
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message 1: by Tiamat (new) - added it

Tiamat Somehow I've missed this one.

Felix Harrowgate is a dashing, highly respected wizard. But his aristocratic peers don't know his dark past — how his abusive former master enslaved him, body and soul, and trained him to pass as a nobleman.

What do you mean by voice, is it written in first person with different POVs (God forbid)?

Juxian Yes, two first person p.o.v. but in this case it works, both characters have very distinctive voices, you won't ever guess who's talking. And oh, Felix suffering - you don't want to miss it :)

message 3: by Tiamat (new) - added it

Tiamat Juxian wrote: "And oh, Felix suffering - you don't want to miss it :)"

This I can believe - after all you are an expert on characters' suffering XDD

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