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Chariots of The Gods by Erich von Däniken
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Courtesy of The Maverick: "Even before he became an imbongi for extraterrestrials meddling in our gene pool, Von Däniken had a chequered career as a tax evader, embezzler and fraudster working in hotels and restaurants in Switzerland that eventually led to a stint as an involuntary guest of the Swiss government. Tax evasion troubles followed him across Europe. All other things aside, this kind of career is not generally the kind that would endear him to hard-nosed evaluators of evidence. Along the way, Von Däniken has helped give life to a cottage industry of debunkers, ranging from really thoughtful scientists like Carl Sagan and his Russian colleague, Yosif Shklovskii, to battalions of energetic investigative reporters around the world." When I first read this book, I was taken in hook, line and sinker and this was only backed up by a movie that was made. I can still remember some of his theses but sadly can't remember those of the debunkers! Must be dated now though but well worth a glance or two.
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