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The Last Four Things by Paul  Hoffman
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Jul 23, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: spec-fic

c2011. From Hero to zero - considering how much I enjoyed the first book. I did not find this to be "epic" which is how it is described by the publisher. By the author's own admission, this story contains "many acts of righteous larceny" culling, distorting and summarising some well known historical events and personalities. While I felt that he got away with it in the first book, this second book was a real mish mash cobbled loosely together (see what I mean). I actually hated this book...disappointed and aggrieved. By using all the names of known places etc, it went from a quiddity to painful. This was the last place I expected to read about the Boer War - but yes it appears and the Boers have turned into Folk (from Die Volk, I am guessing). The Last Four Things referred to in the title are "Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell". Nothing seems to happen in this book other than a lot of death - some meaningful and others, not so much. Yes - wait for the quip that is just waiting to be used - Hell was starting the book and Heaven was finally finishing it and accepting that this was just a duffer. I don't think that there is even a plot just a chance for the author to link "cleverly" a whole lot of random "stuff". Hated it and won't bother with the 3rd. **Boo Hoo****** I want my money back.......
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message 1: by Lera (new) - rated it 1 star

Lera I totally agree with you Ruth. I remember spending my last lunch money to buy this "epic" book and in the end I need to force myself to finish it! That's is not how you want to spend your evening. Anyway. Thank you for your review and hope to hear more grim you in the future.

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