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really liked it
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“The Reaper has come. And he’s brought hell with him.”

After thinking on this book for a night I realize I have a lot to say about it, good and bad. Read at your own risk because I'm about to bring the rant, minor spoilers may be included in this review. So I thought Morning Star was a great conclusion to a fantastic series the Epilogue was gorgeous but very short. Let me start with saying I'm going to have an unpopular opinion this time, after completing Morning Star I am a little unsatisfied, I am left feeling like I need more and I'm kinda disappointed.
I personally felt like novel was too full of things that didn't matter, then the last part of the plot and the ending was great but so rushed. I feel like if Pierce Brown just published the last quarter only obviously less rushed, it would have been a more satisfying read for me. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed reading this novel, I just can't help but feel like this whole book was fillers, and most of the story was unnecessary to the plot. Like this whole book was just basically talking blah blah blah..
The plot was interesting and engaging enough sure, but there wasn't enough action this time around. So like I said if this book had have been the last quarter it would be on my favorite ever shelf next to Golden Son. This is probably even my least liked of the three, definitely the weakest (sorry). But I'm not hating,I did like this book, it just had a few issues that really stood out to me, especially after reading Edge of Bubbles mini review on this book. Also for a whole entire series i kinda found alot of themes samey same as others, like the competition unoriginal, seriously Mars didn't even feel like Mars in book one it was so earthy, Space war also unoriginal. Really there was nothing new in this series, however this series does those 'stereotypical themes' justice, it is interesting, brutal, gorey, full of foul language and foulery (made up word) aka sack fungus. But still something new would be great. Pierce Brown has a funny sense of humor and it shows through his novels, he even managed to add a part into Morning Star that was a quote from one of my favorite movies Friday. The infamous "bye Felicia" & he pulled it off, what a funny human being. :')
“My name is Felicia au…” I feint a whip at her face. She brings her blade up, and Victra goes diagonal and impales her at the belly button. I finish her off with a neat decapitation. “Bye, Felicia.” Victra spits, turning to the last Praetorian.”

I'm glad there is so many great things happening in the background to help relieve the brutally & mind fuckery of the plot, I feel like if there wasn't a certain character (Sevro) I would have given this book three stars. Hang on a second this is meant to be the 'good' section and I'm still ranting! Okay let me try again. I loved watching the characters grow up together and grow as friends, it touched my black withered little heart. I also enjoyed the advanced technology in the story, pulse weapons, Moon Beams, Space Ships with AI. Pierce Brown also plays tricks on his reader by making them believe things that aren't true, I nearly hyperventilated a hundred times, like shit it was intense to read he also knows how to mind fuck you superbly, and make u cry like a baby. Im definitely a fan for life. It also opened my eyes and proved not all Space operas & Dystopian books are not all terrible and im looking forward to looking into both genres more.
Reading the whole series in first person POV was shit. I did feel frustrated at times with the first person POV however thats just me, I'm used/like reading multiple third person POV. So it did get overwhelming at times. Also this totally is not a YA, please do not assume that it is and buy it for your 12 year old kid, if you do they will be running around talking about sack fungus & smelly balls while trying to chop each other to pieces with your garden tools. I loved the pace of all three books. Book two being my favorite of them all due to the brutalness and having an amazing ending. The plot is unpredictable & full of twist. Some of the twists I did guess in advance. Cried at happy moments and sad moments, Pierce Brown definitely tells an emotional story. The writing is sensational. Overall a satisfactory series. It's great, it got my tick of approval and is now currently being worshipped by my fan girl self.I loved the twists towards the end of Morning Star, pretty impressed but not wowed, definitely looking forward to a Movie aswell as another series being released this year, apparently the new books are set ten years after the conclusion of Morning Star, so hopefully some questions I have will be answered in the new series.

So this book continues from the massive cliffhanger in Golden Son, these are not spoilers and actually mentioned on the blurb. Darrow is captured and tortured by the enemy, because it's Darrow and he is like a cockroach (ha) he escapes and continues planning his rebellion against the golds. Some old friends join him and others go against him, so it was interesting to see Darrow in the predicament of having to kill old friends to reach his ultimate goal. He also loses some of his greatest friends *sobs uncontrollably*. I thought this book had some fantastic & rememberable moments. I am sad to say goodbye to the characters I have grown so fond of. Can't wait for the new series.

The character development was awesome throughout the series, we watched kids turn into adults. However I had an issue with Darrow the never dying cockroach. Is it just me or was Darrow a tad over the top arrogant, like I feel like I liked his character a lot less in this book. I also hated the fact that the whole book was Darrow making decisions etc like can someone else take charge for awhile? Like I get that his the captain, but his always wrong. I actually wish that something actually went according to plan in this book for a change. Also thinking about Darrow I have another issue, seriously like why does he let all bad guys get away with everything, friends who have in the past tried to kill him he happily welcomes back in his life with open arms. Like this quote made me think he turn back badass.
I am not alone. I am not his victim. So let him do his worst. I am the Reaper. I know how to suffer. I know the darkness.”
However he didn't. It was sad to see friends betray him but he is just dumb and naive. I did not like him having a conscious and mourning old friends aswell as friends turned traitor. It made me sad, so I hate him for it haha.

Sevro's personality in this book was my favorite of all three. Sevro went from a funny smart ass teen to a beautiful smart ass Adult. He was my favorite character and stayed consistent for me through all three books. I absolutely adored him and Adult Sevro (in book three) was my favorite. I love HIM. He has been welcomed into my ever growing harem of book boyfriends. Oh and I finally got my ship yay and predicted it from the beginning :). *howls at the moon*

Mustang is a wonderful character, I definitely had my ups and downs with her. But it's safe to say I absolutely adore her. I liked reading her development through this series, she is one character that grew the most on me. After book two I felt betrayed but it's okay now.

I also throughly enjoyed Victra she was another character who stood out, what a badass.

Ragnar was another perfect faultless character and another of my favorites from the series.
Hyrg la, Ragnar

A few of the friendships absolutely gave my heart a hard time, one being the bromance between Sevro and Darrow, towards the end of book three I realized I didn't actually like Darrow that much but instead was in love with his friendship with Sevro, all you folks out there know Sevro captured my heart in book one. I love them so much as friends, I love watching them grow together. One point in this book had me crying after they cried to each other. My number one ship forever is Sevorrow.

“You tell anyone I cried, I’ll find a dead fish, put it in a sock, hide it in your room, and let it putrefy.”

The friendship between Sevro, Ragnar and Darrow. Okay so this three way bromance was my favorite thing in the book (apart from Sevro) seriously the banter was good and they had fun together killing people. Seriously I love these three as friends. Especially Ragnar & Sevro *heart eyes*

"You! Troll!" Sevro shouts. "I'm a terrorist warlord! Stop throwing me. You made me drop my candy!" Sevro looks at the floor of the hallway. "Wait. Where is it? Dammit, Ragnar. Where is my peanut bar? You know how many people I had to kill to get that? Six! Six!"
Ragnar chews quietly above me, and though I'm probably mistaken, I think I see him smile.”

Sorry but not sorry, one more thing that didn't sit well for me was the big build up for Darrow wanting revenge, I feel like he didn't do himself justice, so the whole revenge thing kinda didn't happen.. How bloody dare Pierce Brown promise me revenge and blood without delivering it. description
Also the ending how they handled the worst villain ever was extremely disappointing, (view spoiler) rant over.

I recommended this to everyone over 16, even if you don't like Sci-fi or fantasy this book is definitely a winner. I also feel like this book would be a great introduction to Sci-Fi. Please don't mind the fact that it is YA (once again I need to mention this shit) or in the kids section of your library, this is not a kids story. If my child read this book I would be so concerned it is full of violence, swearing, rape, cannibalism & slavery. Hence the over 16.
If everyone's awesome reviews on this book aren't enough to convince you to read it, believe me when I say I'm even trying to get my husband to read it, because I know he will love it. Trust me on this he is a total book hater, I can't even get him to read a book if I read it out loud. (Lol maybe this is the reason why his a book hater?? I have an annoying high pitched voice). So go do yourself a favor and read it, it's bloodydamn good.

Whole Series rating: (totally stole this idea from Petrik)
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☽Luna☾ Thank you :D ur new dp is awesome btw xxxx

Michael Britt Yayyyy you liked it!! Now you know which part might or might not have made me cry...lol Hyrg la, Ragnar

☽Luna☾ That part made me bawl my eyes out and another part towards the end :'( which was trickery thankfully :D

Sana I'm still waiting for red rising to arrive. Your reviews are intriguing me to read it! XD
Glad you enjoyed. <33 I'm so excited to read this series.

Cherie Eeeeepp I can't wait to read this one!

message 6: by Jo (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jo Fantastic review, Sarah! I'm glad you enjoyed this series :-)
Sevro and Ragnar was definitely favorites of mine too;-)

☽Luna☾ Thanks Sana ! I think you will absolutely love it ! Can't wait to see ur review on it :)

☽Luna☾ Are you just starting it Cherie ?

☽Luna☾ Thanks Jo :D they are so awesome !

Petrik Great review sister! your review is even longer than mine!! XD

there are a lot of things to talk about since this is the last of the trilogy! I do agree with the plot dragging a bit and I prefer Darrow in the previous book also! Sevro completely made up for everything though, that dude is one of the best side character I ever encountered.

☽Luna☾ Haha I no I keep trying to shorten it >.<

Yes definitely. The plot was pretty boring this time around and took forever to get to the end which was short as hell! Sevro just makes up for everything.

Petrik Also the next book will be multiple POV. Pierce said it will 4 pov this time, one of them Darrow but I dunno if it will be 3rd person or 1st person again

☽Luna☾ That's a relief ! I hope its third but I guess I could deal with 1st again. I hope one POV is Sevro :)

Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin I have got to read these books! I have the first one. There is never enough time !!!!!!!!! ❤

David Sevro needs his own series

message 16: by edge of bubble (last edited Jan 16, 2017 08:57AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

edge of bubble freaking amazing review Luna! I've been struggling with my feelings about the book since I've finished it and your review helped me with some! And I'm so honoured that my review made an affect on you =)

3rd person view is something normally I dislike immensely. I think if I had started reading this book I wouldn't have liked it as much, because I get stuck at the annoyed station. But listening to it made a great difference! It was truly an awesome experience! i don't know what your thoughts on re-reading but I hope you do try this book on audible next time.

(view spoiler)

☽Luna☾ Melissa I think you would love this series <3

☽Luna☾ I agree David ! He would never get boring

☽Luna☾ edge of bubble wrote: "freaking amazing review Luna! I've been struggling with my feelings about the book since I've finished it and your review helped me with some! And I'm so honoured that my review made an affect on y..."

That's an awesome way to deal with the shitty first person POV however I can't stand audios I find the voice so annoying lol !

Thank you lovelie.

(view spoiler)

☽Luna☾ Also (view spoiler)

♔ Dark Lordette Jennymort ♔ DAMNIT. It's one of those books that just falls flat AF! NOOOOOO! *hissssss*

☽Luna☾ I think I was a loner on my opinion jenn ! Petrik loved it & im positive Celeste did too :D

♔ Dark Lordette Jennymort ♔ Well then I bet I will love it. Haha.

☽Luna☾ Hahaha yeah it was awesome just abit boring

edge of bubble (view spoiler)

☽Luna☾ Seriously I feel the same that's why I'm keen as for the new book I wanna no what happen with (view spoiler)

edge of bubble yes!! (view spoiler)

☽Luna☾ Yes ! Literally the only thing I got from the both of them was at the end when (view spoiler)

☽Luna☾ Haha I swear I could rant all day about this book

message 30: by edge of bubble (last edited Jan 16, 2017 05:34PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

edge of bubble lmao me too! I've been talking everyone's ears off about this book.

(view spoiler)

message 31: by TS (last edited Jan 16, 2017 06:04PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

TS Chan Awesome review!

Well I'm glad that finally someone was getting tired of Darrow as much as I was. Having his singular POV throughout all 3 books when he is not even one of my favourite characters represent a bit of a challenge for me.

Celeste Great review, darlin'. I did enjoy this book a lot, but I shared some of your problems with it.

☽Luna☾ Haha TS I literally couldnt stand him towards the end like everything was his fault. And I got so bored of his POV too lol.

☽Luna☾ Thank you Celeste :D I'm so glad u enjoyed it I did like it too

☽Luna☾ Thank you TS btw :P

Petrik Jenn *The Dark Lord Scribe, House of Slytheread* wrote: "DAMNIT. It's one of those books that just falls flat AF! NOOOOOO! *hissssss*"

I loved it Jenn don't worry!!! You might too! XD

Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~ *is sure this is wonderful but cannot read it yet*

Petrik Celeste wrote: "Great review, darlin'. I did enjoy this book a lot, but I shared some of your problems with it."

Glad to know you enjoyed it as well dear. I'm still waiting for your review *patience rising*

☽Luna☾ ^^ *red rising* I second this hahahahaha

☽Luna☾ Thank you beautiful girl Mary <3

Celeste It's my first priority tomorrow, I promise! It shall be written soon, though it definitely won't be as long as either of yours. ;)

☽Luna☾ Awesome looking forward to it :D

Cherie Oh my goodness just started Morning Star. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. EEP! (Will have to read your review when I've finished)

Choko Great review, Luna!!! I am so glad you enjoyed the series!

edge of bubble Celeste wrote: "It's my first priority tomorrow, I promise! It shall be written soon, though it definitely won't be as long as either of yours. ;)"

yaaay another review from another awesome person! I am in love with both Petrik's and Luna's reviews and been waiting for yours@

Celeste Their reviews were wonderful, as was yours. Hopefully mine will hold up. ;-p

☽Luna☾ Celeste yours are always amazing ! Haha thank you bubble :D I love ur reviews too

☽Luna☾ Thanks Choko ! It was amazing <3

☽Luna☾ Yay !!!! Enjoy Cherie !!! I'm excited to hear ur thoughts

Eon ♒Windrunner♒  Great review Sarah. :)

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