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Ruthless by Gina L. Maxwell
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Describe this book in nine words: Raw and naughty on the razor’s edge of tragedy.

I normally would focus on the hot and sexy of a smutty book like this because HOT AND SEXY! There is nothing bad when those two things hang out together. And it’s enough to turn my head every time. The true value of this novel isn’t steam related in anyway-- but I will reiterate, it’s high on steam.

Gina L. Maxwell interjects a heart wrenching undertone to Ruthless I think many erotic novels get snipped out in editing or overshadowed by inserted sensual scenes. In this second Playboys in Love novel Gina L. Maxwell stunningly retains a level of dark truth about broken relationships that plague the psyche of lovers throughout time. And she does it masterfully.

Roman Reeves is one of those lovers a woman can define her every weakness and broken hope by. He’s a man of influence, a lawyer who likes to win. A man of stature who must always maintain an air of respect. Restricting his demeanor for public consumption has cleaved him in half, burying his real needs and wants deeply into an alternative world. His life has become a sleight of hand and a bald face lie. He has sacrificed a little on both sides to find a modicum of peace that leaves him feeling empty.

He’s twins in one body: Roman--analytical and cold; Ruthless, the persona that can feel and live. A half life that can’t reconcile a personal relationship on a meaningful level for fear his dark side will devour and incinerate anything that gets too close.

A friend of a friend and his new lawyer hiree, Addison won’t turn away from the things that might scare her. She burns for experiences that will allow her to touch danger. She wants to be pushed, starving for something that she can conquer and revel in. Her tragedy is that loving a man like Roman is like touching a star. The difference between what she sees and what she gets is no less than an ocean of tears.

Let me tell you, the heart wrenching moment when Addison realizes she has walked into her own destruction is so crushing that I felt it too.

Fear not, my little pervs!

The under arching emotional plot construction isn’t so heavy that it will weigh you down from the sexy times. Some people won’t even feel it. Ruthless is different than Shameless in that the erotic parts aren’t a steady diet of kinky degradation. Roman’s fetish is uniquely his; the only time he can be himself--be honest. I think he likes what he does to some extent because he needs that part of him to be validated. He likes witnesses to the most vulnerable part of him.

And the guy is hot and sexy. HOT AND SEXY. HOT and SEXY. SEXY! HOT.
Addison is a genuinely likeable ball buster. I feel that her finest moments are when she lets down her shields and allows herself to shatter. It gave me a chance to find the strength in her character.

The storycrafting is phenomenal and the telling stellar. I loved Shameless but this book feels like it is built on a more solid foundation. I really can’t wait to read Austin’s story. I don’t know if she can write another one of these gems but I hope so.

If you like this then definitely pick up the first book Shameless. Also Beautifully Damaged or RoomHate if you want to branch out.
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