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Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen
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Jul 22, 2011

it was amazing

"This year has been great so far as I have read some of the most beautifully written books in a long time. This one is by far the most beautiful and the most magical book I have read this year even thought it is just the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, I think this story goes both leaps and bounds about love, hope, and family more than any other book I have read about those topics so far.

I love all the characters in the book especially the main characters. Reason behind why I love the characters is because each character is respesented of what they are very good at. For example, the main characters - Claire and Sydney - both have excellent magical traits that are relative to people despite not really being good on a social level. Claire can manipulate the emotions and moods of a person through her cooking and use of her herbs and spices in her garden while Sydney brings out the best in a person through her haircuts. Even Sydney's daughter Bay has the unique gift of knowing where things are supposed to belong. I found this little magical part of the story so awesome and believable.

The best thing about the story was the simple plot behind the simple magic of the story. It was just how the author wrote the story - though a basic plot with a magical twist - that made me keep turning the page for the next chapter. There is probably more turn towards family and the changes of relationship more than anything else in this book as the underlying message.

On a personal level, I think Claire is my favorite character because I would probably represent her love interest Tyler more than anything else and Claire also represents the ""perfect girl"" I would love to be with. So in a way, this book touches my own personal desire as well.

All and all, I gave this book a perfect score for the first novel by Allen and I would suggest this novel to anyone who has the open heart to be enchanted. A worthwhile purchase in my eyes and I feel blessed having discovered this author just recently."

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