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Shakespeare's Champion by Charlaine Harris
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Jul 22, 2011

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The Lily Bard series is not one of my favorites so far. They are ok books, but nothing spectacular. The first one was better, more organized. I finished reading this book about two minutes ago and figured I'd review it while it was fresh in my mind. For some reason, I forgot to review the first book in this series.

This second book was confusing and more complicated than necessary. Charlaine Harris seemed to be trying to fit an awful lot into one little book. In trying to cover her tracks and make the book unpredictable, she just confused the hell out of me. I couldn't remember one thing to the next, which I enjoy in reading mysteries. The reason most people read mystery books, is to piece the clues together and try to solve them. Normally, I am very good at this, but there were far too many characters involved in this story. Several characters are also quickly disposed of in this book, which left a bad taste in my mouth.

Another problem I had with this book is the love interest. In the first book, I had a hard time accepting Lily's relationship with her lover. In this second book, there is a huge gap in time that we missed and suddenly she is not really with this guy anymore. He is quick to move on as well. All of a sudden, Lily has all of these new potential suitors, but chooses some guy that I'm still trying to figure out. It seems like she knows him, yet they don't know each other... Yet they do. Confusing right?

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