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Breathless by Dean Koontz
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Jul 22, 2011

liked it

It was nice, I was really into it! It honestly had me questioning my understanding/belief (they're one and the same, i suppose) of the universe and what can and cannot be.
I was intrigued by a few things- the really cool animalthings, which I had hoped would have some sort of foot in reality, yah know? Kinda part of the reason that everyone loves National Treasure-at least the first one, i cannot speak for the sequels- Obviously the plot is exaggerated and there is no gold, but most of the references actually exist! Its kinda cool to mix fantasy with what is real.

But then the homeless man and the wolves? I had hoped that the animals' strange behavior would be explained and there would be this big "..........OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" moment, where everything made sense. What about the animals on the farm? If there was a monkeything being born in front of them putting them in a trance, why didnt anyone see them!?

And JESUS CHRIST- the homicidal twin!? THAT WHOLE THING HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING! I kinda get it, like the whole discovery of the monkeythings was supposed to be super fateful because it led to the discovery of the psychopathic killer, but there was wayyy too much weight on the killer. That plotline was just as heavy as the monkeythings.

I'm a really big sucker for cliches (done right) but when they monkey things started to talk... I literally mumbled "Oh, C'mon.." out loud. The bit about their DNA being identical to ours, was the only thing about the ending that I found interesting.

And how on earth did Homeland security only know about (therefore only focusing on) ONE pair of monkeythings?!

And the meadow at the beginning? Why was it magical!??

And why was the romance built up between the protagonists.. then NADA.
And the genius physicist guy with the golden heart? I thought that was going somewhere- anywhere! Nope.

Honestly this book can be summed up to one unfortunate word- ANTICLIMACTIC.
After I started hating the first half of the book, Koontz' reputation had me hoping that he'd make me eat crow and wrap it all up with a few big "...Ooooooooh!" moments, but they never came. He builds up a fantastic premise and stands you up with the last page of the book.
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