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Restoree by Anne McCaffrey
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Mar 26, 2008

it was ok
Recommended to Robert by: no one, it was laying around the house along with better and als
Recommended for: women with some taste for sci-fi

It has been a long time but what I recall is: A so-so science fiction novel but mainly a sort of intergalactic gothic romance. The protagonist is a woman who has been chopped up by predatory aliens but was rescued and skillfully reassembled (hence the title, she was restored) to do menial labor in some sort of hospital. Somehow she manages to break the hold of the medicated food she is supposed to eat and escapes. She soon meets with a dashing man with really superior lovemaking skills and the adventure begins. Dashing man turns out to be a very important leader in the struggle against the predatory (now really, they only act just like we do with other species, even other races) aliens. It happens that restored persons are regarded with horror as a sort of untouchable caste in this world. It also happens that these "people" are not even human although (of course) they look, act, feel and most importantly copulate just like us and that our heroine is an earthling who was somehow accidently sucked into the alien meatwagon even though earth is not involved in these goings on at all. [This is just like on Star Trek where almost any bipedal can breed with almost bipedal, and they are all bipedal and most look almost, minus a wrinkly nose or some spots, like us.] Prince Charming, a being of supreme intelligence as well as noble character, has not failed to notice her shortcoming as a restored person but is so taken with her that he doesn't tell (and apparently she is so skillfully put together that regular folks don't notice) and later on as the most powerful figure in his world no one will dare bring it up anyway. The critical moment comes, they all take their magic no-doz pills for the long decisive struggle to come. They win. The pill runs out, they sleep it off for a week, they awake, yes! its all real! She wakes up as queen of the universe with the best looking, sexiest king there ever was. The End. Well enough written to not be the Harlequin romance of its kind, but a romance it is. Pretty light on larger subjects, pretty light on developing the predatory (as opposed to sexy romantic) aliens as anything but faceless evil, and, apart from the setting, pretty light on the science fiction. Well, they can't all be War with the Newts. There is an audience for this and it, at least, was well served.

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