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Rock and a Hard Place by Angie Stanton
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Jul 21, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: 4-stars


WOW! Rock and a Hard Place by Angie Stanton took me places I didn’t expect to go. I thought I had this book all figured out from the book description, but this book was so much more than I expected it to be. It was sweet and sad, and then it was even sweeter. Rock and a Hard Place kept me up way past my bedtime. (Yes, I have a self-imposed bedtime. I try to put the books down every night at midnight, but I couldn’t put this one down. Today I am paying the consequences; I can barely keep my eyes open! It was worth it!!)

Rock and a Hard Place definitely had a few tearjerker moments. At only 16 years old, Libby is abandoned and alone. Her mother and sister are dead, and her father abandons her at her crazy aunts house because he is suffering from guilt and depression. Everyone at school either teases her or ignores her. She really doesn’t have any one until she meets Peter.

Peter’s life is the polar opposite of Libby’s. He travels on a tour bus with his mother, father, and his two brothers, Garrett and Adam. The three brothers are in an extremely popular rock bank called Jamieson. Everyday is filled with recording sessions, concerts, practice, photo shoots, etc. Peter is never alone.

The two main characters, Libby and Peter, don’t actually spend that much time together. Peter’s busy schedule and other outside forces keep them apart for the majority of the novel. However, they develop a strong connection rather quickly. I could feel how much they cared about one another; it came across on every page. I think it takes a talented author to show such a strong connection between characters, especially with so much distance between them. Stanton made this work beautifully.

This novel is touching, heart breaking and lovely. It’s also extremely inspiring. I like Libby’s courageous, I-will-get-through-another-day attitude and Peter’s never-give-up attitude!

The reason I put off reading Rock and a Hard Place for so long was because I was under the impression that this book is part of a series. Series or not, I am delighted that I read this moving young adult novel. I am really satisfied with everything about this book, including the conclusion.

Adam, Peter’s brother, is next in line to get his own story! This book should be released sometime next year!!

That is exactly what I wanted to hear! It sounds like this is going to be a companion series. Translation: Read Rock and a Hard Place right now. Yes, there will likely be more books down the road, but you don’t need them to read and enjoy this book!

I gave Rock and a Hard Place by Angie Stanton 4 STARS (3.5 STARS). I strongly recommend this novel to all young adults! It’s a beautiful story!


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message 1: by Liz (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liz Reinhardt I critiqued this book with Angie! Isn't it awesome?! I felt so honored I got to see it all before it hit the shelves. I'm dying to read her next book!

Morgan Yeah, it was great. I can't believe I waited so long to read it! (I could kick myself for that). I can't wait to see what her next book is about! :)

message 3: by Liz (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liz Reinhardt I know it's about a cheerleader who gets hurt and turns back to her other love, dance. And a romance, of course. I can't wait!

Morgan AWESOME! As a former cheerleader and dancer, it sounds like something I would enjoy! I'll be on the look out for it. Thanks for letting me know :)

message 5: by Liz (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liz Reinhardt No problem!

Morgan I thought I read somewhere that Rock and a Hard Place was part of a series. Now that I have read the book, I don't think that is the case. Do you know if this is stand-alone book or part of a series?

message 7: by Liz (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liz Reinhardt I know that Angie is giving serious consideration to doing Adam's story...I hope she does, since he was so goofy and sweet. And, of course, I'd love updates on Libby and Peter!

Morgan Ok great! That's exactly what I was hoping for. I'd love to read either of the brothers stories, but I am happy with Peter and Libby!!! Awesome. Thanks!

message 9: by Liz (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liz Reinhardt No problem!

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