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Son of the Morning by Linda Howard
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Jul 21, 2011

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This book could have been so much better. I would have loved to see someone with exceptional writing skills such as Marsha Canham or Kathleen Woodiwiss take on this storyline. The actual concept is extremely unique, and for those of us who have seen (and read) it all, a unique story is a rare find. However I must point out a few things that made this story a less than steller read and therefore a bit unbelievable for me. For one, the author spent more than half the book with the heroine on the run and vast parts of that were just extremely boring. And other than the prologue, we rarely get a glimpse of the hero unless it is a rare small tidbit in a dream of the heroine or even a less occurance, of the hero feeling someone watching him. That's it. That's all we get for 3/4 of the book. They never come in contact with each other, either real or in a dream until around page 162 and then totally out of the blue, a chapter opens up with the hero and heroine having sex, however this too is in a dream. They don't actually come in contact with each other until the end of the book. I also found it so odd that the subject of sex, lovemaking or even romance is never even mentioned until that dream which occurs on page 162. The sex scene was a total shock because not only had they never been together before and you don't get the change to follow the natural course of their meeting and getting to know each other, but you didn't even know the heroine had any sensuality at all. The author spends so much time convincing us that the heroine is this non-descript nerdy little boring housewife who doesn't wear makeup nor has any sense of style or fashion, that we are in disbelief when she brings up the subject of her actually enjoying sex. We only know about this mousey boring woman whose funky landlord is much more interesting than her. Another thing that bothered me was that her husband and brother get killed at the beginning of the book so you don't get to know them at all and therefore there is this disconnect with her emotional attachment to them. However, the most unrealistic character in the book was the "Evil Villain" Parrish. I don't know... maybe Ms. Howard watches too many movies. Is it a reach to think that she took his personality right from characters such as Victor Maitland from Beverly Hills Cop or Hans Gruber from Diehard? The difference being that Parrish apparently has ESP and is able to leap over tall buildings, ah I mean leap over all logic to just know... (know) how, when and where the heroine was. His evil powers magically deduced that she would go to Eau Claire. Then on to Chicago. Amazing... He stakes out the McDonalds and low and behold, she actually goes there! Are you kidding me? A man who pals around with senators and world leaders answers his own work phone and automatically knows without hearing one word that it is the heroine on the other end? He personally watches the security monitors at his office building...Really?... This was just too much. It really brought out the cynicism in me. And worst of all was thinking that if the heroine was so damn intelligent then why didn't she pick up on how evil her boss was in the first place? And why was such a mousy little nobody housewife working for a man who courted senators and billionaires and had fantasies of becoming the richest man in the world? I mean she was a language translator for heavens sake! I don't know... The book focused way too much on the unattractive heroine who had a sexy mouth (boy is that lost on the readers which are 99% women)... and not nearly enough on the hero who is described to be so alpha but we never get to fall in love with him because he is MISSING I ACTION Hello!!!... However the last part of the book, when she travels back in time and actually meets the hero, is really good and may have well saved the book for me. In the last few pages you finally get a sense of the hero. When she opens up to him and tells him the truth. But then it gets corny again when they go back to the future to Kill Parrish and Parrish's side kick turns out to be a follower of the hero. Yeah ok. Whatever. And all the lightning bolts and magic at the end was a bit much for me. Because the author hinted at the character of the hero and the story itself was good I will give it 3 stars and not two or one like I started to.
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