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Marked by Elisabeth Naughton
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Jul 21, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: paranormal, contemporary

Elisabeth Naughton became a favorite of mine with her Stolen series. Intriguing storylines with mysteries based in mythology, heroes to die for, heroines who are strong and independent, villains you love to hate, and a romance of a lifetime. So if you enjoyed that series, you’ll like this one even better. Mythology is front and center again, alpha heroes sworn to guard their people, heroines thrust into worlds they never dreamed of, and romance that survives ages.

These are soulmate stories. I know there are some readers who don’t care for that type of book, but they’re one of my favorites. I mean, that’s part of why I read romance. I want a love that’s deep and what’s deeper than the soul. I also like stories that give me heroes who have that innate sense within themselves who recognize their soulmates at a glance, with a touch, and it knocks them for a loop. Theron is one of those heroes.

He’s descended from Hercules and current leader of the Argonauts, those warriors sworn to protect their home, Argolea. He’s been sent by his dying king to find the one person who can save the royal heir, Princess Isadora, to whom Theron is betrothed. Finding Casey in a strip joint confuses Theron at first, but he’ll do his duty and marry Isadora, though he doesn’t love her. It’s what’s been asked of him by his king, so he will comply.

Working two jobs to stay afloat, Casey has always felt disconnected in life, not knowing what it is that’s missing or what she needs. But her life changes fast and irrevocably when Theron shows up. Saving him from creatures the like she’s never seen, she’s amazed at how fast he heals and even more amazed when she learns about him and where he’s from. And why he’s come for her.

When the action hits in this book, it takes off and doesn’t let up until the last daemon is dead by Argonauts’ hands. These creatures come out of the woodwork, sent by Atalanta, a goddess who’s now mortal and determined to regain all she’s lost at any expense.

Now that Theron has found his soulmate in Casey, it’s his duty that will keep them apart. To save his people he has to sacrifice his new-found happiness in giving Casey’s life for Isadora’s. Greek tragedy at its best in the modern world of romance. I enjoy the relationship between the warriors, typical macho male, even if they are hundreds of years old. Some things never change.

Ms. Naughton’s writing is concise and easy to read. You’ll have this book read before you know it. Her characters are quite likable, even those Argonauts who are a little testy waiting for their turn at finding love. I look forward to the next book, Entwined, which is Zander’s story.

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