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The Apocalypse Trigger by Douglas Misquita
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NOTE: Free copy from author in exchange for an Honest review. And honest it shall be.

A ship in peril sends a distress signal. Another ship to the rescue. Crew found dead under suspicious conditions. Ship sinks. Something is lost along with it.

This is how the book opens, on a fast paced action packed note. The author starts off very nicely, taking the reader slowly through the timelines beginning at 1947 and makes quick, neat jumps to sow the seeds for the story and brings us to the present.

In the first 50 or so pages of the book, you get a taste of everything.
Secret Societies. Sinister plots. Witch hunts. Bio-hazardous material. Mercenaries out for blood. Globe trotting. Guys impaled. Eyes gouged out. Bullets flying. Clocks ticking. Men slashed in HALF (Really? Final Destination much?).

It all seems very Dan Brown-meets-Charles Brokaw (that’s a compliment). The story seems to be going nicely enough and keeps building to something big, APOCALYPSE BIG. It’s a ride you are enjoying. You forget that this is a budding author, still trying to find his element.

Then something changes.

The fast paced, action packed read that were enjoying thus far becomes a tome and starts to take a toll.
People die left and right for no apparent reason. A world class luxury hotel is blown up. There are boat chases where the boats cartwheel. There are Mercenaries with Super Gadgets like Invisibility Cloaks, Jet packs and a personal plane. They are out to grab a weapon code-named Apocalypse. They fire Stinger missiles that hit people in their TEETH. They break into a secure facility that’s never been broken into and steal what was lost on a ship in the beginning of the book. Grenades are put in people’s mouths. Snowmobiles flying and guys jumping on car roofs.

What brings this book low, which otherwise could've been a great read, is the obvious flaws (ignoring the some not so obvious ones):

1. There is no clear Protagonist or Antagonist throughout the book. Just a bunch of Bad-Ass Corporate thugs and mercenaries vying for power, money and revenge. The bad guy turns on bad guy situation with no real reason behind it.

2. The weapon that is supposed to bring about Apocalypse is nothing expect for an advanced version of the Atom bomb. Like what, a Nuclear Warhead? It will supposedly annihilate millions if it goes off. Of course it will. But how will it bring about APOCALYPSE is not explained.

3. The author has a notion of only building up the momentum throughout the book. He keeps his foot on the pedal and keeps accelerating the pace. The action that seems good to begin with, becomes Mind-Numbing and nonsensical after a while. There is really no point behind all the devastation and all the killings and bullets and grenades and rocket launches and bones cracking and helicopters blowing. It feels like Overkill. A case of an action flick gone out of control.

4. The 2 elaborate scenes with witchcraft in it and a ritual being performed are never tied in. They have no relevance to the story in the end and it makes no sense why it was written in.

The problem is, the author Douglas Misquita, starts off brilliantly. But as he keeps writing, he slowly but surely looses sight of the plot. The book simply does not converge into one story line and it simply fails to coalesce. There are too many lose ends and not enough answers. It is not tied in as well as it should've been. There are way too many characters in the book with zero character development. It essentially creates a clutter and does not allow the reader to know who’s who and why.

Here is the redeeming point though. The author has a fluent writing style with a great flow. The choice of words is good and it is his writing capability that keeps you hooked to the book. His decent prose are the saving grace for this book. At times a little coarse around the edges, he needs the support of a good editor and beta readers along with a decent publishing house and he might just blow up.

Here’s wishing you good luck for all your future endeavors with hopes of many great stories to come.

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message 1: by Aaryan (new)

Aaryan Nice Review buddy.

But you only gave it 3 stars. Still you recommend it to me? :O

Anish Kohli Thanks man.

I suggested it to you since you mentioned to have a liking for Action packed books.

For me there was a little too much action. ;)

message 3: by Aaryan (new)

Aaryan Well, i'm likely to pick it up soon.

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