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Starting Over by La Toya Jackson
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Jul 20, 2011

really liked it
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I don't really want to talk about his death because it saddens me! I had chills and goosebumps reading his final days and his service. :( He will never be replaced.

Overall the book gave insight to the Jackson life, especially La Toya and the days leading up to her brother's death. I didn't read her first book, I have no interest in it because I didn't believe it. I wanted to read this one and that of Janet's...after all they are the only connection left to Michael Jackson's memory and life (other than his young children). I, also, do not understand how a family member isn't on the estate board, especially his mother....of anyone who is going to look out after his kids...his mother will!!!

Latoya- overall, as a MJ fan, it was clear to me that something wasn't right. First why would someone speak out against the Jackson name if they want to continue to have fame, etc?! Even in America, where we are full of judgmental people, would we think that would be alright regardless of how much America thinks the Jackson's are crazy (I don't know them, but they appear to be as functional or dysfunctional like every other American family! Secondly, being that their mother appears to be the rock of the family, to go against her or disappoint her...within the family unit you would clearly be burning bridged. go from supporting your brother, to going against him in what appeared to be days....didn't seem right in my head. Forth-I believe it was on Maury that Latoya was on with Gordon...the whole thing seemed shady and with him (Gordon) being RIGHT there in nearly every single picture frame....looked like he was controlling to me. And if I remember correctly I believe the host of that show seemed to lean the same way?! Fifth-even if you were to rebel against your mother and family (many people do), someone who is very connected with their religion probably wouldn't go against that (JW, I'm assuming would not be a fan of posing for playboy if they don't even like to have parties). It's unusual for someone to rebel against EVERYTHING... I do believe we all go through things for a reason...we may never know what those reasons may be but usually it makes us stronger in life. I believe we are meant to go through things to make us learn and grow! Otherwise why would we be here if it was perfect?!

When it comes to riding coat tails or trying to gain fame in MJ's name (orJanet's)--I imagine that everyone in the Jackson clan (brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews) are damned if they do and damned if they don't. If you don't put anything out there-well that must mean they are living off of their brother's money. If they do put stuff out there-that must mean they are hurting for money and using the Jackson name to make it. They should be able to make a living!

Child molestation-it absolutely sickens me that this could happen to him. Though I certainly do not agree with his lifestyle completely (how innocent I believe it was, I wouldn't have my child sleep in a grown man's bed...). Everything MJ has put out or said has contradicted the charges against him. Just like being anti-Semitic, if you listen to his lyrics and words....clearly he's not hateful!!

America- america's judgmental personality disgusts me. And it is quite sad and pathetic and I completely see why celebrities choose to go elsewhere. The media is brutal and harsh when, in fact, they know nothing about a person. Which unfortunately, as a fan that lives in America, didn't help me. Didn't help me get his music, had to pay megabucks for merchandise that was sold overseas, didn't help me attend his concerts. It just so happened that I became a mega fan during Dangerous (I was about 13, he helped me overcome suicide)- as we all know the Dangerous tour ended short. HIStory tour, I believe only came to Hawaii. I was "this" close to going to the NY 30th anniversary concerts. Thankfully I didn't, the person I was going to meet up with ended up being at the wrong place at the wrong time Sept 11th :( I know he didn't mean or want to leave his American fans out but I also knew how cruel they (not the fans) were to him :( it wasn't fair especially because we nor they (media, naysayers, etc) knew HIM!!!

Neverland- I wish they didn't taint the environment. Today that place could have been MJ's Graceland.

Paris, Prince, Blanket- how well adjusted they appear to be. Paris is growing into a beautiful young woman. Watching her onstage at her father's's clear that she has the famous itch! She had no issues singing in front of all of those people. I wish them a lot of success, regardless of what they choose to do in life!! Prince looks to have taken over the role of being strong, etc. Blanket...watching him on Oprah reminded me of his father on interviews...very shy.

Mrs. Katherine Jackson-what a pure soul she looks to be! Kind, caring, gentle but straight forward...her on Oprah, her words when Oprah asked Mr Jackson a question...I laugh thinking about it to this day. What it must have been like to bury her own child before herself or her husband :(

FINALLY MICHAEL-I hope he is resting in peace! I hope his music and message lives on FOREVER. I do not view him as GOD, I am not a fanatic. I'm a person who is grateful for his music and message. If it wasn't for him, I may not be here today. Being teased, stared at and tormented myself every day growing up because I was different...suicidal from ages of 9-13ish... His songs "Will You Be There" and "Keep the Faith" changed my life forever. Regardless of how much he altered himself, his perfectionistic personality, or his father's choice of upbringing...Michael Jackson was still a human being, a man with dignity, class, respect, LOVE, feelings..... Out of all of the crap that was said about him...he was still living life, making music...I do not know how he did without giving up (as I'm sure he was tortured...people don't change if they are happy with themselves) but I'm grateful!! His strength and determination to continue, helped me continue as well. I'm not sure ANYONE can see or understand his impact on this other than his fans and maybe his family! And the funny thing is...a person who was negatively viewed in the public, called names (child molester, crazy, weird, ugly,etc)....after he died-did you hear ANYONE talk bad about him? ANYONE!?! The people that knew him? All I ever heard was what a great soul he giving he down to earth he caring, compassionate and loving he was....what a great friend he was....what a wonderful and devoted father he was....he wouldn't hurt a soul...he was quiet but polite and kind...he was a wonderful entertainer, a life changing dancer, a wonderful role model. Out of all the crap that has been said throughout the years.....does that sound like a person who deserved to have been dragged through the mud for years and years?!? Absolutely not!!! It is sad...very very sad to me. I just think if it was different for him...would he be the same person? If he didn't go thru what he did....would he be kind, caring, compassionate? Would he be as popular as he was? Negativity is definitely hurtful, it doesn't make it right but if it didn't happen that way for him...I'm not sure if I would had viewed him the way I did. I'm not sure if I would have seen the light of staying alive if it wasn't for his being, music, words, etc....know what I mean?! As selfish as it may sound...
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