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Job interviews make Brae Daniels feel sick. She has been to several ones since she quit her job, that she has lost count already. In no time, her savings will all be gone and the last thing she wants to happen is to sleep on the gutters of New York City. Being at this difficult moment of her life, she might just grab any opportunity that will give her money, even if it means she has to be on an experimental dating show for a month and half, with a total stranger.

Brae has her eyes on the cash prize. Everything seems so easy, and she thought she has prepared herself enough, then the most beautiful man with the ugliest answers to her questions happened. Choosing the most despicable candidate is a part of her plan. In that way, she won't fall in love with the guy and just focus on the money. But what if Mr. Wrong is actually her Mr. Right?

Jude Soren has it all. Money, looks, and women going crazy about him. His business is his baby, and nothing else matters in his life more than the market and his clients.He's living the ultimate bachelor life, until his pain in the ass friend thought of playing a prank on him and signs him up as a candidate on Ignite Your Sparks. His name gets called and the spotlight's on him. So what does he do? He plays along and tried to make his answers the nastiest so he doesn't get chosen. Simple, right? Well, that's what he thought, too.

Jude and Brae know what they want to happen before they start this game- the girl gets the money, the guy gets his freedom. Six weeks could be a short time, but not if you're in an island spending all your day with a stranger. Feelings could change, stories are shared, hearts get broken, and intentions are forgotten.

So my dear friends, our hero is a hot Swede who likes to annoy the hell out of our heroine. Yep, you read it right. He's a jerk, but he has some redeeming qualities that will make you swoon nonstop.

Now, look here....

This model's the authors' muse for Jude Soren- a naughty businessman who loves to talk dirty to his woman. Isn't he delicious? Yes, right? I know!

I want to share all of the naughty stuff Jude says and does, but I choose not to, because I want you to discover them yourselves. One thing I can assure you though, never read them in public and please ready your cold shower because this man knows how to bring heat! If I'm being honest, it's TOO MUCH!

Sexiness aside now, Jude is easy to love even though he starts as a full-fledged a-hole. I fell in love with his honesty and his humor. He protects his woman, takes care of her but also personifies the flaws most men usually have. He's sometimes confused to why Brae is mad at him, and I think that's too realistic! Men tend to be insensitive at times, and Jude showed readers that even a perfect hero like him could be an idiot once in a while.


Brae Daniels is a sweet and sassy heroine. She's very determined and she always focuses on what she wants. Being stuck in a very unusual situation with a stranger is something she's not very willing to do but once you discover why she would go that far for money, I'm sure she'll touch your heart.

I love my heroines bold but also soft at times. Even though Jude set on off the wrong foot, Brae didn't hesitate to open up to him and give him a chance. She felt love and she never dared stop it. She has her flaws too, if you want to know that. She's sometimes insecure and has her moments but I assure you that the authors made her quirks amusing and not annoying.

"Enemies to lovers" trope is one of people's favorite reads. How can we not love it? I mean they have banters, angry sex, make-up sex and redeeming of bad boy heroes. And those things I mentioned above, Finding Mr. Wrong has them all. ALL.

Also, A.M Madden and Joanne Schwehm's latest work is a well-balanced read. It's fun, really light but extremely sexy! Oh, and before you go saying "Okay, I'll read this because it's light and it won't give me a book hangover", I have to stop you right there because I'm telling you now, Jude Soren will make your next book boyfriends second best. The lines that come out of his beautiful mouth are just too difficult to top.

Lastly, the chemistry of the characters screams HOT! Their banters even made the chapters sexier. I have to stop sharing things now because I might spoil the hot scenes here and you don't want that, right? Let's save the juicy stuff!

Collaborations could be tricky. When writing together, authors should come up with an idea on how to make their story's flow very spontaneous and they have to be consistent with their characters' attributes. It just makes me happy that some authors found their writing soulmates and gifted us with their brilliant talents.

I already adore a few author collaborations, and I think I have a found a new ones to fangirl over. To A.M. Madden and Joanne Schwehm, thank you ladies for writing this book that made me smile, swoon and blush the entire time I was reading it. Jude Soren will always have a special place in my heart, because he's charming and sometimes annoying. But seriously, a huge part of it is because he loves bacon and knows some "sexy" ways of burning it. LOL!
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A.M. Madden So love this post!! Thank you!!!!

message 2: by Nina (new)

Nina I can't wait to read you review

✦❋Arianna✦❋ Fantastic review, lovely! xx

KceeReads Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦ wrote: "Fantastic review, lovely! xx"

Thanks, love!!

KceeReads A.M. wrote: "So love this post!! Thank you!!!!"

THANK YOU for Jude!!!

KceeReads Nina wrote: "I can't wait to read you review"

Thank you, babe!!!

Karen I just finished reading a series that I wanted to like, but but annoyed me royally for a few reasons (Infidelity Series). I was on GR hunting for my next victim and found this book b/c Raine Miller (who I trust) gave it 5 Stars but a vague review. Scrolled down a bit & decided to read your review, you've sold me...haven't chosen a book this quick in while but your review piqued my interest that much...and I'm going to trust you where you said the author made the heroine's "quirks amusing & not annoying" b/c that is what frustrates me MOST w/ some authors is the "annoying " factor they seem to need to stretch a book out! :) Thanks you for your review (I pray I'm not coming back mad after I'm done reading! Lol)

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