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Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
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I got only a short way into the story and stopped reading it. I thought it was poorly and silly written.
But the hype over this series is so high and few of my friends here on goodreads gave it really high praise and 5 stars so i thought maybe i should give it an other try..they say it is like twilight just without the vampire stuff,and i am a twilight fan so...
Here it goes..first scene,second time

After reading to 20% of the book :

I am now definitely sure this book is not for me.I mean cmmon..she i so happy because he wants to make her his slave?? I am a Twilight fun but who said this is like twilight,probably didn't even read the books! Awful writing style ,shallow conversations,totally unbelivable characters..i am sorry Fifty Shades of Grey fans but this is so not working for me.
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Rain ~miss kinky knickers~ Same here. Good luck!
Too bad it doesn't get any better. :)

♥ Unaeve ♥ thx,it definitely doesn't..i gave up on it the second time now.

Mare totally unbelivable characters... moram se složit. trenutno me to muči... možda se nešto promjeni do kraja...

Kaja She didn't want to be his slave. She only wants to be with him. so basically it's kinda a twilight with more kinky story. sorry but i just can't agree with you.

Irena Kaja, to i jest nastalo tako što je ona čitala Twilight-fan forums gdje su oni tako pisali razne fan-sex-stories involving the Twilight characters. Ona je od tog sveg napravila veliki melting pot i voila! Twilight with sex but ditch the vampires. :) za svaku robu ima kupac, je li..

Kaja Irena. Kaj ko bi to napisala v angleščini? mogoče bi te takrat kaj razumela. thank you

Irena I'm sorry, I oughta stick to English some more :)

I wrote that the story was indeed made so that she used to read Twilight-fan forums where they all wrote various fan-sex-stories involving the Twilight characters. Out of that all, she made a big melting pot and voila! Twilight with sex but ditch the vampires. :) Every products has its buyser, yes..

Did you manage to finish it? :) I slapped the 2nd part on my Kindle, but I think I'll read some proper literature first to recover a bit

message 8: by ♥ Unaeve (last edited Oct 24, 2012 03:11PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

♥ Unaeve ♥ nah i still didn't read it.I even got the translated version (on Serbian) thinking maybe i could swallow it easier..but no,its just worse lol..
But i would like someone to explain me what are those similarities with Twilight because i cant really find none...
Just the single notion that "she wants to be with him" would make thousands of other books twilight copies lol

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