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Out of Sight, Out of Time by Ally Carter
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Jul 19, 2011

it was amazing

Alright, this review is going to have a lot of spoilers. So if you have not read this book yet, DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW!!! (and read the book already!!)
So the beginning of the book, in my opinion, started very well. I liked how she woke up in a convent all the way out in the Alps. It really showed that Cammie had traveled A LOT over the summer.
And then the whole memory loss thing really started to effect the story. Because so much was missing between June and October. Everything was like crazy. And in the beginning I hated Bex for acting like that towards Cam. I understand that she was mad that she left and didn't bring them but the way she was acting really crossed the line.
And when Cammie thought Zach and Bex were together I was ready to scream. Thank goodness they weren't but that scared me.
At the cabin after Bex and Cammie talked/yelled I freaked out when they figured out the bullet was meant for Cam. I'm pretty sure I even shouted "What?!" at the book.
When Cam killed the sniper I was shocked. I honestly expected more to come out of that though. I thought she would like freak out and have a major breakdown. I know she was upset about it but I expected her reaction to be much worse.
And then there was the whole trip to Rome. Now that was interesting. First, her finding out she was with someone when she was there. Then, Zach shows up while she's sleepwalking. (what luck) And THEN, she figures out she was with Preston!?!!!(I liked how Zach was jealous though!) Like, wow. I was not expecting that.
And after the Circle attacked for the second time and Cam found the letter from her dad I knew something big was going to happen soon. But I had NO IDEA what she would find. First, the place where she was held and tortured by the Circle. And then... Her dad's grave. I legit started crying. I was so upset cause I wanted her to find her dad in this book or the next and for there to be this big happy reunion. But that's not what happened. I honestly couldn't believe it and I had to read that part at least three times until I was positive I'd read it right.
When Liz came out and said the Mr. Soloman had woken up, I wanted to throw the book. How could one of the happiest moments possible happen at one of the saddest moments possible?!?! How?!?! Ugh. That was upsetting 'cause Liz and Cam's mom were all happy (and Zach but you can't blame him for being happy) but of course they had to tell them.
Alright, I just have to say, I HATE Zach's mom. I mean I'm sure everyone does but I just had to say it. She just HAD to show up after they found the list. Of course she did. And she's also the idiot who made Cam fall and let the list go over the cliff into the ocean. I hope she gets killed in the last book.
Her, AND Dr. Steve. Oh my gosh, when Cammie went to see him and he started telling her all that stuff about him being with the Circle I was. So. Confused. And when he told her to jump and she said she would I was like "what?!?! Are you crazy??! I know you hurt your head and all but you have to be a moron to just stand and let him keep talking!!!!!"
Thank goodness, nothing horrible happened after that or I Wouldn't have finished the book.
When Cam wrote down the list I was so happy though. I was like "Yes!!! So they technically did beat the Circle!!" (well not yet but they will)
Overall, I LOVED this book. A lot of it didn't go the way I wanted but I didn't expect it to. This is my favorite series ever and I can't wait until the next (and last!) book comes out. Though I think I'll be pretty sad when it's all over. But I'll just have wait until book #6!
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Tania OMFG is like you read my mind !!!!

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Ashley Am I supposed to be confused after the epilogue?? I just finished the book and I really loved it

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