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Texas! Chase by Sandra Brown
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Jul 19, 2011

really liked it
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I am going to give this one a high four stars.

Marcie has been in love with Chase since childhood, but unfortunately for her, Chase is happily married to his wife, Tanya. Chase and Tanya are seeking the perfect house before their baby is born. Marcie, being a real estate agent, shows Tanya a house that Tanya falls in love with. Chase is too busy to go to the house viewing so Marcie drives Tanya over to the house, but on the way there, a car accident occurs, instantly killing off the pregnant Tanya.

Two years later Chase has abandoned his business and spends his day drinking, whoring, gambling, all to forget Tanya’s death. Marcie happens to witness Chase nearly getting killed in a rodeo arena, and she, still very much in love with Chase, wants him safe, so she drives him back to his family.

Chase arrives at home, and after an argument with Marcie, decides he needs to do something with his life. He starts off by checking how the family business is striving under his brother, Lucky’s management. Chase learns that the business is not doing well and he must try to pay the debt that they owe to the bank.

That night, Chase is invited to dinner with Marcie who proposes that he marry her. She explains that the marriage will benefit both of them, Chase will be able to pay off the money his business owes and Marcie will get some companionship in her big house. After much thought (and another argument with Marcie), Chase agrees to the marriage proposal.

The beginning of the story was rather dull, but it kicks off after the marriage.

I was wary about reading the book because of the many reviews that said Marcie was a lunatic, or obsessed with Chase. After reading the book myself, I can say that Marcie was a strong and independent woman. She isn’t afraid to stand up to Chase and she not only argues with him, but she even slaps him once! I’m glad that Sandra Brown didn’t hover over the fact that Marcie had a crush on Chase. I mean yes, it was mentioned a few times, but Marcie in no way seemed crazy about him. Marcie simply wanted to help Chase, and when she figured that she didn’t want to end up as a lonely spinster, she asked him to marry her.

Chase on the other hand, was much more dislikeable than Marcie.
***Spoiler*** When he found out that Marcie bought the house that Tanya wanted, he insisted that they were living in Tanya’s house, that Marcie was second place to Tanya, and that Tanya was the wife that he loved. Then he had the gall to say that sex with Marcie was to dull his memories for Tanya and that their marriage is only on paper. And to top it all off, he never apologizes for any of this. So my conclusion? Marcie is a much more bearable character than Chase. ***End of Spoiler***
I also found it extremely annoying that Chase constantly thinks about his wife throughout the story, even in the last few pages, he thought about his love for Tanya. I can understand that he will always love Tanya but this is supposed to be Marcie and Chase’s love story, it focused way too much on Chase’s feelings and deep love for Tanya.

Lucky and his wife Devon have some great scenes in the story that made me wonder if I should read Texas! Lucky after all.

The story would’ve been five stars if we could erase those scenes where Chase was being a bastard. There were some heart-tugging scenes that made me shed a few tears and that’s probably why I ended up giving the book a high four stars. This is a book I would recommend if you don’t mind the hero being a little too mean, overall, it’s an above average romance novel.
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