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Sinful by Charlotte Featherstone
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did not like it
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You've got to be kidding me. The "hero" is a spoiled child who goes around moping about having no soul and snapping at everyone around him. He won't learn how to manage the ducal estates, he throws a tantrum when his father cuts his allowance, and doesn't even think of earning his own money to support himself. He's too weak to face his past, so lashes out at other people. Wow. Yeah, I want me some of that.

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Story could have been about 1/3 of the length with all the repetition and drawn-out melodrama (from the hero).

I'd forgotten how horrible Harlequin novels are.
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message 1: by Roksana (last edited Jul 26, 2013 08:18AM) (new)

Roksana I like your review... he sacrified his love for Jane for some stupid reasons..he gave up all that for some cold b*** he should work for his own leaving and frankly I would not want to be with him even if he had his own money

Lil' Grogan Yeah, I was surprised that so many enjoyed the characters in the book.

message 3: by Roksana (last edited Jul 26, 2013 08:27AM) (new)

Roksana Agreeeeee...that end scene was disgusting I felt emotionally abused by the author forcing me to accept such harsh reality after when building us for them to have at least some decent happy ending... adding some discusting, dirty sex with his wife instead she should fill them with jane and him finding their happiness together....but what she gave us is despicable...NO HAPPY ENDING... EPILOGE NEED TO READ SEPERATELY????? Its cheating...making Jane to lower herself to the point of becoming his whore cast and despised by society, for a man who could not give up anything for her

Elizabeth Roksana: "he gave up all that for some cold b*** he should work for his own leaving".
I'm afraid that is not correct. He did not 'sacrifice his love for Jane' for the reason you mention here, and it is made quite clear in the book. The reason was very very serious (one would like to think that all beings with some moral awareness would have done the same). Also, he's the heir to a dukedom, members of the aristocracy (especially in such high rank of the peerage) not only would not work for a living, but it would have been considered disgraceful to do so and spelt social death. Featherstone, thankfully, tried to infuse the time setting of her story with some degree of historical accuracy. Also, Matthew is a painter and he opens a gallery, that would have been outrageously scandalous in reality.

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