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The Most Human Human by Brian Christian
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Jul 18, 2011

it was amazing

What I love about this book is the idea that machines could potentially make us more human, forcing us to reexamine the standards we hold for ourselves.
Basically, I found this book in the 'new nonfiction' section of the library, and I was immediately intrigued by the title.when the read the first section, about the Turing test, which is a competition for AI program designers where judges talk via chat with a computer and a human and try to tell which one is which. The computer program that best simulates humans is awarded 'the most human computer' award. The human that best convinces judges that they are human is awarded 'the most human human' award.
Brian Christian spends the book exploring how humans talk, interact, and what makes us human. I love how he kind of argues with himself, refutes his own arguments. However, i felt like the supersciencey, partsofbraindothisandthat parts were a bit tedious. Furthermore, since it's nonfiction, it was a bit hard to read all in one sitting. I kept reading, hoping to get a complete log of HIS conversations with the judges, since he included so many other people's, but all we got was a small story and then 'oh I won the most human human award!' that was disappointing.
The book is funny though, which is hard to do in nonfiction, and I love the hopeful message it ends ~ even if someday, a computer won the Turing test, it would just end the Turing test, not humanity, which can reinvent itself continuously.
He never did tell us how to be human best, did he

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