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Lord of the Flies by William Golding
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Mar 25, 2008

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Just read this book actually. Didn't read it in school growing up. I must have skipped over it or something. I was drawn in very fast by the exciting premise. Kids on an island! No adults! Kind of like that movie Camp Nowhere except more morbid. I was carried through the book quickly until somewhere in the middle I began to lose steam, but then i was drawn back in towards the end of the book by the profundity of the statement Golding was trying to make. I was trying to figure it out. It asks the question "What is the heart of a human being?" What do we do when we think no one is looking? What are our deepest motivations, and what makes us tick? When Jack's tribe puts on their war paint it is like they can do what they truly want to do. They feel freed. Like their new uniforms are responsible for their actions, not the person beneath the paint. It is interesting to see what people will do when they feel truly uninhibited, though the actions of Jacks tribe really reflect the condition of HIS heart, not the conditions of the individual members of his tribe since they were coerced to join by Jack himself. ANYWAYS! It is my personal opinion that great beauty comes out of this free uninhibited place we have inside us all, not just darkness. I would have liked to see at least a scene or a symbol in this book for the bright side as well as the dark side of humanity. Maybe one of the kids makes a sweet sick ass sandcastle that stretches to the heavens or something and all the kids celebrated its completion. That sounds more like Peter Pan in Neverland though. Hey! Maybe that will be the next kids vs. adults book I read!
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Sieran Yes I really liked your comment that we should have seen the bright side of the story too. Human beings are not completely dark, unlike what some people are trying to make us believe! (I actually believe that we were all originally good, so I don't agree with this book---even though I still really loved it and gave it five stars.)

Karson Serena,
Thanks for the "like" and the comment. I think it is all about perspective. If you look for the good in a person, you will find it. If you look for the bad, you can easily find that too. Tons could be said of this topic...

message 3: by Eli (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eli I just read your review and would like to give you this to ponder:
What are we without the trappings of society ?

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