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Oink by Matt Whyman
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Jul 17, 2011

really liked it
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At this point many of you are wondering, why is a book with two pigs on the cover something a Chick Lit reader would want to pick up? Most likely many of us love animals and how many Chick Lit covers have you seen with a dog on the cover? So why not pigs too? That’s exactly what Matt Whyman’s wife Emma told him after the death of their sweet kitty Misty left an hole in their family of pets. Not only did they have a Canadian Shepherd, another kitty named Miso and a chicken in the backyard but Emma and Matt were the parents to four young children. After the decision was made to stop the growth of their family by adding more children Emma decided she’d replace her yearning to build a bigger family with a plethora of animals in all shapes and sizes. Thus the pigs, Butch and Roxi (who were initially named Pinky and Perky).

Now, back to the question at hand…is this something a Chick Lit reader would love to read? Absolutely yes! Take for example the quote on the back cover of the book:

“What a fabulous, funny read! I enjoyed every page. Highly recommended for anyone with a pet, a partner, a family, a sense of humor…or even a mini-pig.”
- Sophie Kinsella

Yes, even the Queen of Chick Lit recommends reading this fabulous memoir and I completely agree with her!

I’d have to admit, I’m not a pig fan. From an early age I detested the animals after I was introduced to pigs while visiting my Uncle’s farm one summer. They were huge, needing a large steel door on their pin to keep their bodies from bounding out and devouring whatever got in their way. Needless to say I was terrified of them. But for whatever reason, be it a need to overcome my fears or simply because these pigs look adorable, I couldn’t resist the cover for Oink: My Life with Mini-Pigs and I’m so glad I didn’t pass on it because of my preconceived notions about pigs. Obviously the pigs in this memoir are quite a bit smaller than the ones I encountered in my youth, which I’m positive helped as well.

Not only was I drawn to the cover, but the story itself was a complete draw. I’m an animal person, I have a chaotic family life and am constantly taking on more than any reasonable human being should ever consider. This was exactly Emma’s dilemma. Her need to nurture, care and provide for every living thing she encountered came from a childhood that lacked those very things and her husband had the opposite. Because the story is told from Matt’s point of view it was hilarious to have his take on the number of animals that came into their home beginning with the goldfish that were never able to escape the algae caked on their tank no matter how often it was cleaned. It was also wonderful to see how Matt cared for his wife and family. Being a full-time writer he has the opportunity to stay at home more than most parents and he was incredibly generous considering the chaos that entered the home. That’s not to say he was perfect, but his kindness was something I really valued while reading this memoir.

Oink: My Life with Mini-Pigs by Matt Whyman is a memoir I’d highly recommend for readers of Chick Lit and Women’s Fiction! Not only is it filled with the hilarious antics of a family now classified as living on a farm, but it’s also a story about love. A memoir this funny and touching is a rarity, especially among the male authors that I’ve been able to read thus far. Filled with animals, children, life and more I promise you’ll laugh and possibly cry numerous times throughout Oink: My Life with Mini-Pigs. Memoir readers, pick this up now! You don’t want to miss it!

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