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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
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Jul 17, 2011

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Let me preface this review by saying that I have enjoyed all the prior Harry Potter novels. I, however, did not get into this one. I understand developing the world a lot more and a lot of people could get into it. But I felt like this story dragged so much in the beginning and this is one of the few cases where I thought the movie was better than the book.

For starters it felt like this book dragged for the first half before any real action started to take off. I don’t need constant action, I can enjoy books with mainly dramatic tension, but I just found this more annoying in Harry Potter than anything else. I understand what Rowling was aiming for, she wanted the reader to experience the anger and loneliness Harry was feeling. In some respects, I just don’t think I wanted to experience it as much as she forced us to. I found Harry’s anger rather frustrating to deal with, because his decision making process was so idiotic. Harry has never been good at this, but I feel like this book took it to a whole other level.

On aspect of Rowling’s writing that I am getting really sick of is the constant blame on Snape. Even Hermoine points out that they’ve never been right about this assumption. But rather than consider she has a good point, they just ignore it, especially Ron. This is just so frustratingly stupid to me, that I just spent most of the time being mad about these foolish decisions.

Once the major parts of the book start going it becomes a great book though. One thing I liked in the movie more than the book was the room of requirement. I like how the movie had the room changing the locations where they got out.

Overall, I thought the book ended well, but just getting through it was so daunting that I had to rate this quite a bit lower than the others. I hope my complaints have made some sense, I realize many people enjoyed this book, but I was just not able to get into it like all the others.
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♥Xeni♥ I recall when I first read this book. It was a few days after it had been released in the US and I stayed up at entire night reading the gist of it! That said, the first part annoyed me incredibly as well. All I really remember were how freaking annoying, whiny, depressed and wretched Harry Potter was. Me and my sister still joke about how much of a douche he was acting in that part of the book. I think you phrased my own reaction perfectly!

Adam haha, that's good. I'm hoping I'm not the only one, there are a lot of 5 stars for this book. I don't think it was wrong what Rowling wrote, because it makes sense since Harry was so linked up with Voldemort so he was essentially dealing with two people's emotions at once! But I just thought 400 pages of that were overkill. I'm not an idiot, she could've just written about that for 100 pages and I'm sure I would have gotten the gist of it just fine : P.

♥Xeni♥ The funny thing is, at least for me, that whenever I reread the book I never quite hated him as much as that first time. So if you ever reread it, you might jut feel the same!

Adam That's good to know. Maybe you just weren't as surprised by it and you were expecting the second time around...

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