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Crunchy Cons by Rod Dreher
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Jun 11, 2007

really liked it
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Read in January, 2007

This book helps to identify and name a new group emerging from the Republican Party (mostly). Moral conservatives who care about the environment, religion, beauty, family and marriage, alternative schooling, organic foods, and are against big business AND big government. (They are not pure Libertarians either since they believe in the option of having strong local and possibly State government.)

The book gets a little repetitive near the end but is refreshing in general. At its heart it's for truth seekers more than Republicans. People whose values inform their politics and not the other way around.

My only problem with the perspective presented in the book is that the author holds us several tenets of conservatism (see Burke's "Roots of American Order") that I think are off. He makes several statements revealing an assumption that men are born evil or depraved. I prefer the Founding perspective that men are born good (or at least neutral) and are corruptible or perfectible through personal choice with the help of transcendent institutions like the family and honest religious institutions.

I also disagree with his harsh view on immigration. We need laws that work and protect us, but also compassion for others seeking freedom. Again, the Founders generally had a pro-immigration stance.

Nonetheless, great book and wonderful that someone is giving a name to this growing group of principled voters.
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