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Harshini by Jennifer Fallon
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Jul 17, 2011

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Where Treason Keep is probably one of my all-time favorite reads if for nothing more than the fun character dynamics, Harshini is a one-time read. Having first read Fallon's The Tide Lords I was sad to find that the ending of this trilogy was also unsatisfying (although, certainly not to the same extent).

Once again it is the adventures of Damin Wolfblade and Adrina that gave me the most joy and helped me turn each page with thrill. I still don't quite understand how their distrust of one another was finally resolved (more like I felt the dialogue was very inconclusive, but maybe that's the point), but I loved them nonetheless. King Hablot is a bastard, but terribly fun to read.

R'shiel was just a disappointment. I was glad she was finally taking action and driving the plot, except she was such a senseless bully that she puts a whole new face on the meaning of "hero". She's really not that likable, and that she was the reason for the political changes-- well, I frankly wish Fallon had found another way to orchestrate the political changes that happened (like letting Adrina instigate), because there is very little in R'shiel's repertoire to suggest she had the intelligence for any of this.

On top of which-- where Treason Keep felt more luck and smarts, Harshini feels more like luck and hard-to-believe scenarios, mostly because everything that happens has to do with R'shiel's bullying tactics.

By far, the worst part was the final chapter of the book, which ends rather darkly, even if you feel that justice is served.

I still enjoyed the book and reading the ending, but I think that things could have been done differently in any number of ways in order to improve the story.

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message 1: by Swiftsea (new)

Swiftsea After reading the first two books, it was a while before I finally picked the 3rd at a book shop. Flipping through the pages to see if it would be worthwhile, I skipped to the end, felt disappointed. Left the book on the shelf and decided not to buy it.

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