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Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson
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it was ok

Yes, I said it. 2 very generous stars. Yep, yep.

Firstly, I was perpetually laughing and snorting and cringing all while reading this book. Sanderson doesn't know how to write female characters who can both be intelligent and alluring. And, dear stormfather, if I never have to read the words "spren" or "storm-fucking-father", it would be too soon.

As if there weren't enough facepalming moments, Dalinar (supposedly a 5-star General) goes to war knowing failure was inevitable yet by some 'Deux ex Machina' luck, Shallan manages to save the day.
*Laughs maniacally*

Also, why doesn't anyone die? Even Szeth (who was the only character that seemed mildly interesting) was resurrected.

Lastly, and the most baffling, am I the only one who has an issue with Sanderson's portrayal of the Pershendi people?
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Jessica-❥Chatterbooks Book Blog❥ Terrific review, babe! 💋💋

message 2: by ijeoma Agbaje (last edited Oct 08, 2017 12:28PM) (new)

ijeoma Agbaje lmaoooo omg!!!! i think i'll postpone reading this series till next year

Stefan Bach Oh Bibi... two stars are very generous for this one. :D And you were far too kind mentioning only few, out of many, many problems this book had.
There's more of Deus Ex Machina laziness in here, characterization problems and plotholes! Inconsistencies and plotholes were everywhere.
Not mentioning that Brandon changed ending of this book - on a blog. :D
Yeah, two stars are very generous... :D

Issue with Parsh people - mute slaves that are obediently awaiting to be filled with evil spirits?
Issue with Parshendy people - bloodthirsty savages that pretend to be cannon fodders while awaiting to be filled with evil spirits, of course? :D
Honestly, my biggest issue with Parsh/Parshendy people was that he simply copied them from one of his other books. I mean, literally copied them, from physical characteristics to purpose in (both) stories.

Great review, and it's so refreshing seeing something other than superlatives when it comes to this book. :D

message 4: by ijeoma Agbaje (new)

ijeoma Agbaje LOL Stefan i can't wait to see what you'll think of the last book..

Stefan Bach ṣadé ọmọ Agbaje wrote: "LOL Stefan i can't wait to see what you'll think of the last book.."

I'm actually starting The Way of Kings tomorrow. :D That's still an enjoyable book... to an extent. But this one? I envy those who aren't bothered with all these things Bibi mentioned (as well as many more unspoken) and can enjoy reading it... :D
It'll be fun and I can't wait... to get annoyed with it for the fourth time. (oh yes, clearly I'm and idiot. :D)

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