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From the Ashes by Xen Sanders
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it was amazing

This book turned out to be so much better and so much more then I thought it would be. I am truly glad that I took the time to read this book.

If I had to describe this book in just a few words, I would describe this book as good versus evil.

What do you do when you are taught all your life that you are not capable of loving anyone. That your soul purpose is to kill the weaklings that are different then you. That you are to serve a purpose that you may not understand but you are not to question? When these things that you are taught start to come into question as if they are truly the right way to feel and believe in, do you continue to question it or do you blindly stick with the beliefs that you have been taught.

That is what is happening with Tobias. He has been raised with the beliefs that he is not capable of loving anyone else and up to this point in his life he has always believed that but there is something different about the way that Sean makes him feel. Tobias starts to question everything his father has drilled into his head and it is definitely a battle on the inside and it is starting to tear him apart.

Before Tobias can completely make up his mind as to his true feelings secrets are revealed and they leave Tobiad even more confused and definitely leaves him feeling completely out of sorts with his emotions. Sean has stored something tobias he did not know was even possible and now the two are supposed to be enimies but is that even possible for either man? Can you hate someone you love so much? Can you walk away from love after believing it was not even possible to love in the first place? Can you change your mind about being a monster to become something better in the long run? Can there truly be some light in the dark after all?

Those are all things that Tobias has to decide for himself. He has to choose a side. Does he stick with his evil ways or does he try and be the man that he really wants to be? Does he choose love or does he walk away?

This book is definitely a book about the struggles between good and bad. Love and hate. Good and evil. Zen Sandwrs did not make it easy on the characters to come to the conclusions that they came t. They had to fight for what they wanted and make some very hard decisions along the way. But the journey was worth it in the end and made their lives so much more worth while. This was truly an amazing read. I can't wait to read the next book in the series when it comes out.

Was given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review

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