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4.5 Stars.

Good Gawd, was there anything I didn't like about this book? Nope, not really.
Lori Foster has met all my high expectations for this book.

I loved Spencer and Arizona so much. I didn't expect to love a heroine as much as I did. She totally kicked ass and took names. Seriously awesome. Oh, and it was sex-ay. Heh.

More in depth review to come as the publication date draws nearer!

UPDATE... Yet again

This won’t be your typical one-person review. We decided to switch things up a bit due to the massive love of this book by Autumn and myself. It will be a combined effort between the two of us. It was that or fight to the death over a book review. I really didn’t want to have to kill Lisa, she’s my partner in crime.

I mean, good Lord, was there anything I didn’t like about this book? Nope, not really. Lori Foster has met all my high expectations for this book, and more.

I loved Spencer and Arizona so much. I didn’t expect to love a heroine as much as I did. She totally kicked ass and took names.
Seriously awesome. Oh, and it was sex-ay. Not even sexy is good enough to express how amazingly sensual and deep, and hot it was.

And that, my friends, was just the tip of the iceberg.

In this final installment of The Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series, we delve into the lives of Arizona Storm and
Spencer Lark. After finishing Savor The Danger and knowing finding out that Spencer and Arizona’s book was next, we were both already so excited to read this and once it popped up on Netgalley, we both immediately put in our requests and thanks to Harlequin for accepting our requests for such a great book.

Besides the fact that Autumn and I both thought Spencer was hot and Arizona was a respectable and strong female lead character,
we get to the heart of the story – and the series itself – which deals with a very sensitive topics. The main one would be Human Trafficking. Lori Foster deals with this horrid – but realistic – issue with class and grace and ease that comes from her many years of writing experience that shows, because not many authors can pull off dealing with issues this huge.

In the previous books the female characters all had very minor brushes with human trafficking. And I say minor because they were never subjected to the kind of abuse and degradation that Arizona had to deal with. Her father sold her while her mother stood by. Yeah, they wouldn’t win any parent of the year award in my book either.

Again, I commend Lori for how she so beautifully dealt with this matter. I was a little worried about whether she’d be too graphic and go to in depth with it, but to be honest, she didn’t. I appreciated that. And don’t get me wrong, she didn’t just gloss over Arizona’s experiences. She just handled it very well. She gave us just enough to feel for Arizona and what she’d been through and how that whole thing didn’t just break her. Arizona had been through hell, but lived to tell the tale.

From the glimpse of Arizona that we got in Savor the Danger I was skeptical about her character. I was so glad that my first instinct about her was wrong. She is probably one of my favorite heroines of the year. Her Strength and resilience and no-bullshit attitude really comes through to the reader. I loved how real she was. Her bluntness to certain situations and her honesty with Spencer. They all just floored me and rang true.

Spencer is a great male lead. He was willing to help Arizona, but ready to give her up in the end because he felt that he needed to. He didn’t count on falling in love with her or her reciprocating those feelings.

In a series such as this I always have the fear of falling in love with characters and then never “seeing” them again. Oh, their names are mentioned once or twice, but there’s never any actual intervention with the characters. Besides Arizona’s straight shooter bluntness and ability to kick some serious ass I loved that we saw the guys and gals from the past books. Not just name dropping either – some real hardcore interaction time.

I highly suggest A Perfect Storm if you’ve read the other books in the series or want a great romance book with some action, honesty and humor. You will not be disappointed and I look forward to reading more of Lori’s stories.

Review also posted here - Fic-Talk
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Leagh So glad to here these good reviews. My review is coming soon :)

message 2: by Carole (last edited Jan 23, 2012 12:01PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Carole I love Lori Foster's books so whether she liked it or not it dowsn't really matter to me. Lori's books are always exciting to read,with a sexy hero and a cute heroine in the mix. I'm looking to reading this book, for the other 3 were so good...Lori writes to entertain her readers and I always am looking for another book of hers at the store or library, she's one of my favorite go to books!Once I read this book, I'll write a review on it.

Lisa Carole, are you trying to sell me on this book or any other Lori Foster book?

Because if you hadn't noticed... I did like it.

I also happen to love Lori's books and writing, but just because I love her stuff doesn't mean that at any time I happen to read one of her books and not like I wouldn't hesitate to say so.

So I'm not really sure as to whether you're agreeing with my review or commenting along with Leagh.

Leagh Lisa ~ that is what I was thinking. I wasn't quite sure whether she was arguing with you or agreeing with you. I, however, am agreeing with you. I love to hear the good reviews about an upcoming book, even if it is one of my go to authors, which Lori is. At any time an author could write a book that isn't so good. Not all authors have the ability to create multiple books and stay strong throughout. Some fall off the band wagon along the way, which in my opinion, is sad but true.

Lisa Thank you, Leagh. I thought it may have just been me reading too much into her comment. But I'm still not sure what she was trying to explain. Or if she was against what I said . Anyway, thanks for commenting and liking my review! :D

message 6: by Carole (last edited Jan 24, 2012 09:31AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Carole Hi! i was agreeing with you! I like to read reviews but i'll read the book anyways even if the review isn't so hot, for we all have our own opinions, and likes,and dislikes. I wasn't trying to seel her book to you, I enjoy reading Lori's books, and glad that you also. I don't like all of Lori's books and I'm not afraid to say so. At times it disappoints me for I enjoy her books alot and other authors have disappointed me too! i hope that I've cleared myself alittle better..

Lisa Ah, okay, thank you for clearing that up, Carole. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :)

Carole I'm hope to read it when it comes out!I'll write a review for goodreads once I finish it..

message 9: by Niina (new) - added it

Niina Your first sentance was how I felt too!

message 10: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Niina wrote: "Your first sentance was how I felt too!"

haha, great minds think alike, yeah? :D

Shirley Great review. I liked the book too and posted my review a couple of weeks ago. I wish I would have read the rest of the books in the series first (whoops) but once I realized it was the 4th book in the series, I liked it even more.

message 12: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Thanks Shirley!

It was such a great series, rather sad to see it end, but I know that Lori's got some great stuff in store for us soon!

Cindy What a great review! I absolutely LOVE Lori Foster so I try to get my hands on anything she writes or has written and I am impatiently waiting for my copy to arrive of A Perfect Storm.

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