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The Good, the Bad, and the Undead by Kim Harrison
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Mar 24, 2008

liked it

I don't know what exactly it is that Harrison is doing right, but let's exaime. First off I really like the world/universe/dimension (how ever you want to look at it) that she has created. It seems completely plausible in its own way. Plus it mixes in a bit of science with it's fantasy, which is nice. 2. I really enjoy the charecters. They're beleivable and described so well. THe "hero" Rachel Morgan, is that blessed kind that is easy to get addicted to. She has power and connections way beyond her own understanding. She is able to pull out of almost anything through basic instinct. She dives head long into things she only things she understands fully. Not unlike the beloved Harry Potter. These kinds of charecters are easy to follow because they don't understand. So when things are explained or they work it out, you feelinge you're doing it with htem and and not like a narrator is being forced to explain it to you.

Now dont take the harry potter thing too literal. I just mean strictly what I said about. Inless an 8th book comes out where harry becomes a female version of a legal bounty hunter...

Anway. This book was an excelent follow up to the first. I am still foudn wanting more. Not only are the charecters just as strong, just as exciting, but there are still new things to discover about them and the world were Inderlaners and humans live together.

I give her a thumbs up also for putting a notch down on the cheesy. She replaced that notch witha notch up on the sexy. It is done very "classy" for lack of a better word and is important to the plot and understanding of the situation. Neat.

I finsihed this installment as I did the first, simply wanting more.
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