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Privileged Witness by Rebecca Forster
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1. Grace's appearance takes Josie by surprise. Is Josie's reaction to Grace understandable? What does Grace symbolize for Josie? Is her anger really directed at Grace? Herself? Matthew? Does anyone ever get over a first love?

I think Josie was in shock more than surprised. I probably would have asked for some type of proof that Grace really was Matthew's sister. Yes, I felt the reaction was understandable. Who wouldn't act that way? Grace symbolizes a piece of an unanswered past for Josie. Her anger is more directed at herself for being taken for a fool than anything. But some of that anger is directed at Matthew. Someone she loved that lied to her about everything. No, we never really get over our first true love.

2. Once Josie sees Matthew, old feelings are rekindled. Does Josie betray Archer on any level? Is Josie jeopardizing all her personal relationships by accepting Grace's case? Was her decision ever about Grace or always about proving something to Matthew?

Yes, I feel that Josie betrayed Archer on an emotional level. Then with the kissing and fondling. Josie showed she still had some feeling for Matthew. I feel Josie was jeopardizing her profession by accepting Grace's case. Seems like there is some law/ethics being pushed beyond the limit. Seems like Josie was trying to prove to Matthew he screwed up when he broke off the relationship. I felt Josie was trying to prove to Matthew that she was smarter than he thought she was. That she would figure out the truth to the puzzle and that threatened him.

3. Matthew appears tortured by the consequences of his choices. Is his guilt a result of remorse, honest compassion for Grace, or concern for his career? Is it possible to rationalize anything including a crime as heinous as incest?

Matthew was only concerned about how everything that happened would interfere with what he wanted. He was not concerned with anyone else but his own agenda. As for the incest, not it cannot be rationalized. He could have found a willing female to use. He knew what he was doing was wrong but that did not stop him and he did not care how screwed up that made Grace. He never showed any remorse or guilt over what he done. He always tried to blame someone else for his actions.

4. Michelle and Grace were extraordinarily close. We’re they drawn together because they were flawed and weak, or because they cared about one another? Do women feed off one another in unhealthy ways while men accept their own flaws and move on?

Michelle and Grace were drawn together because they were flawed and week. I do not think they cared about each other. They said the words but I did not really mean them. I felt they were trying to please Matthew instead of pleasing their shelf. Some women feed off each other but men do the same thing also. All sexes/genders pull the ole 'poor pitiful me' act. They are looking for sympathy, for someone to feel sorry for them. Each gender/sex is able to see their own flaws and move on if the person desires. Some people just able to move on better than others.

5. Hannah and Billy try to help Susan O’Connel, but they are too late. Was Josie to blame for what happened to Susan? Was Hannah correct that Josie had become obsessed with the McCreary's?

Josie was partly to blame for what happened to Susan. She kept pushing Susan off and putting her problem on the back burner. It seemed like Josie won, and that was all she was interested in achieving, then Susan was not important to Josie. Yes, Hannah hit the nail on the head so to speak about Josie and the McCreary's. Josie saw an opportunity to prove herself to Matthew and everything else was forgotten. She was quickly pulled back into the fame and money aspect of life then nothing else mattered.

6. All the women in this story are abused. Was it always a man abusing a woman? Which of the characters were heroic? How did they manifest their heroism? Who was the most tragic character and why?

No men do not always abuse women. Some women abuse each other as in Grace and Michelle or Josie and Hannah. Yes, I feel that Josie abuses Hannah. Not physical abuse but Josie does not fully provide Hannah what she needs. Josie is not the best person to take care of Hannah. Hannah needs someone that is willing to allow her to be a kid. Someone who will allow Hannah to make mistakes and be there for her to pick up the pieces. Josie breezes in and out of Hannah's life like a leaf in the wind. Hannah and Billy were heroic. Each putting someone else before anything else. Each of these kids was willing to go above and beyond what was ask to show they care about the other person. Susan was the most tragic character. She put all her trust in Josie and was passed over by money, fame and possibly fortune.

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