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Pariah by Aron Warner
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Jul 15, 2011

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The story opens up with an "average" boy, Brent Marks, showing a presentation to his class that could possibly change their financial problems and lead them to a glamorous life. How awesome is that!? I would literally be on the edge of my seat listening to every detail this kid has to tell me about raking in the mulla! BUT! None of his classmates pay him any attention or show him any ounce of care. He is a speck of insignificance you might say. You see Brent is not so 'average.' Yes, he is a teenage boy who goes to school like the rest of the student body, and yes, he is part of the nerd herd, but he's also a Vitro.

Vitros are these group of kids that possess beyond human intelligence that was caused by genetic manipulation.

These Vitros where caused by the very society that disdain, mistrust, shun as well as later on in the story blame the Vitros for the cause of Marinus Laboratory to explode. An explosion that released a virus onto the population increasing casualties to the thousands. Practically genocide! Are the Vitros capable of doing such a thing? Are YOU capable of doing such a thing if you were a Vitro? Or were they framed?

I liked this issue, however, there was not much dialogue but more narration from Brent (what is in his mind; first person). I felt like it was empty or insufficient, lacking any meat to the story. There is a lot of potential for Pariah and I'm eager to see if there would be more in store in the second issue. And it was difficult to make a connection with any of the characters because there wasn't that much background to go on.

The use of unflattering characters (look wise) made it feel realistic. As well as the scenarios, though predictable, also helped in seeing/viewing it play out in real life. The art work is darker than what I'm use to, but it helps in setting the mood of the story.

I would like to know more about Brent seeing he is the protagonist. In this issue Brent didn't really exude anything that I could remember him for, a mark that would be worth remembering. I know this is just the first issue of 12 in store, but I usually like to get to know a little more about the characters right from the start to build a rapport with each character.

The ending was a bit upsetting because right when the action started to come along that's when it abruptly ended. It was seriously starting to get good, but instead of a tease, it was more like I got shot down. **Ow, that hurt**

It wasn't really a cliffhanger. It was more like "OH! He got caught - The End!" Would have been nice to go a few more pages to see where he gets taken to, or how is he going to get treated; something that would leave me thinking about it way after I've finished reading it.

I will be reading Pariah Issue #2 and I hope I will get to know more about Mr Brent Marks and his Vitro Power Smarts.

X-men + Heros + Ultra Violet = Pariah.

Thank you SO much to Sea Lion Books for giving me the opportunity to read Pariah!! =)

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