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Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz
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Jul 14, 2011

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real rating for this book is 3.5 stars

So, to begin this review; after reading all of my friend's feelings on this book, I thought I really wasn't going to like it, maybe even despise it. The masochist in me forced me to read this book, thinking I was going to end up looking something like this:

Why do I do this to myself?!?! Why, Shultz?! whyyyyyyy?!? *runs away sobbing*

Truly, though, I was a little bit surprised and I did like the book. I didn't look like this:

[image error]
Wow that was freaking amazing! I love this book I'm going to drool over it and re-read it a million times! Woo-hoooooo! *runs off jumping around and clicking my heels and goes to marry the book*

But, I did look like this, and that was alright with me:
[image error]
That was just a nice book " happy sigh and leans back in chair contentedly*

First off, I really did enjoy Emma's voice; she said some really funny and normal things that helped me relate to her and enjoy the story without any drama about how much of a fail her life was. Which, from books I have read, is very rare in today's paranormal dramas where the annoyingly dramatic "heroines" spend their days jumping off of cliffs and whining about how sucky their lives are. First of all, almost all of the girls have a roof over their head and food on their table, some girls in the books I've read have been so rich they could probably bathe in all of their cash that they have, and yet, they still. Fucking. Complain. Okay, girls, if you really want to have a horrible life, try being a child or a woman in a country like Africa where you have to feed seven kids and only earn an american dollar a day which isn't really even enough to feed yourself, and watch them all starve to death and there's nothing you can do about it. Or lived during the Rawandan Genocide of the 90's where 8 million people died and you had to stand and watch as your neighbor or family member got raped and then shot or some other more gruesome death, then have the same thing done to you. And where if you came across a really bumpy road, jump out of the car to see what the problem is, there would be bodies thrown all over the road by the hundreds; you've been driving over them for miles without realizing it, and now you have to drive back. (true story folks; if you haven't watched Hotel Rwanda you should) That's a life where I don't know if I'd feel like living, not if your boyfriend broke up with you or you had a rough day at school; the sniveling idiots.

All rants aside, that is what I liked about Emma. She came from a life with a drunk and very abusive step-father who, in her words, "wrapped the car around a tree" and had her mom and brother die in a span of two years. She didn't even want to move in with her well-off Aunt after her mom died; she wanted to try to work it out on her own until she literally couldn't anymore. When she moved to her aunt's house, she wasn't moaning about her former life and saying how badly this was going to suck; again, in her own words, she does this: "I decided to be happy."

YESS! Finally! Someone who isn't a depressed zombie! *does a little happy dance*

In general, I just enjoyed Emma. She has spunk, an opinion, and she stood up for herself if someone was a bitch to her. She was a refreshing change.

Then, I enjoyed the ending. I was really scared the whole way through that it was going to have either:
A. A totally horrible cliffhanger that makes me want to run the book over with a bulldozer or:
B. The two love birds find some reason to be apart like either incest, kidnapping, being possessed (cough cough Jace) the guy or the girl has to ignore them because whatever was keeping them apart has some new idiotic twist.

Surprisingly, the ending was....good. She wrapped it up nicely so everyone could just live happily ever after for once! I wish this would become more common like it used to be; I'm so used to screwed up endings now that I kind of felt like poking it with a stick to make sure it stayed dead and didn't pop back up after I turned around to go, "hah! I'm not done! Now I'm going to bite you in the ass with some special serum that makes you buy the next book! Muahahahah!'

I hate snakes that play dead then bite me in the ass.

*awkward cough* Anwayyysssss I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Brendan and Emma. I liked that he didn't know what was really going on with the curse, either (in some ways Emma knew more than he did) but then there were times where he would suddenly go all Edward Cullen on me and be like "me can't no be with pretty gurl if it hurts gurl. Me no-no do that *grunt* " Luckily Shultz didn't go down that forsaken path, but it made me grind my teeth a little bit. At least he wasn't mysterious due to the fact the he pretty much held her life story in his hands; I find that incredibly annoying when a character doesn't know what or who they are for years, but then miraculously knows everything because of a boy! Sigh. And there were a couple of steamy scenes; nothing that got my heart in my throat or made me gasp, but it was cute and, for the most part, didn't make me want to rip my hair out.

Something else got on my nerves about their relationship or, should I say, how it was described. I swear to God that Shultz only used four adjectives when describing Brendan's eyes, which were:
1. Green
2. Shocking
3. Emerald
4. Sparkling
And she talked about his eyes a lot. Every chapter had those adjectives at least 20-30 times, and there are quite a few chapters (around thirty). We get it, Shultz! Use some different descriptions! I really didn't need to keep reading about how green they are, I think Emma has a little bit of a fetish for them, honestly. She would probably lick them if she could.

Ewwww. I just kind of grossed myself out with that one.

As I stated up top, I gave this book 3.5 stars, so it's not like the writing prose was super amazing and it kept me glued to my seat for hours on end lavishing in the glow of her word-twists and how deeply she connects with the reader. Her writing was alright, but not stellar. But if you're looking for a book in-between your readings that has a cute tale and a happy ending that won't suck you into spending a lot more money, definitely pick this up. It's a nice, light read.

*contented sigh*
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10.0% "Hm. I'm kind of liking it so far. Emma has a funny voice. But apparently it all jumps over the cliff once Brendan comes into the picture more. We'll just have to wait and see."
41.0% "Hm. Now it's taking a bit of a twilight mixed with a Starcrossed/Fallen twist. Please pull out of this, Shultz!"
55.0% "I'm not disliking this nearly as much as I thought I would."
67.0% "I'm getting pretty sick and tired of the same adjectives when describing Brendan's eyes. Green, emerald, sparkling, and shocking needs to be expanded a little bit."
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is mee... kissa i hope you're liking this. why do you do this to yourself? i'm sure you only started reading this as a method of torture, am i right?

Cait Yeah, I'm a little bit of a masochist hahah ;) I'm actually kind of liking it for right now, but apparently it all goes downhill pretty soon.

is mee... kissa really? swell. that sounds great. =S
well, i hope you like it anyways. stop doing this to yourself!

Cait Yeah, just joyful. :/ I am liking it so far.....but it's starting to make a twist. Sigh :/
I know, I should stop, but it's so hard!

is mee... kissa i'm being hypercritical. i have this masochistic streak too, but i wouldn't wish it on anyone.
a good twist?

Cait Hahaha no I wouldn't wish mine on anyone, either. It's more of a curse than a blessing that's for sure. Ehh....I'm not into it too far yet, but I have a feeling that it's going to be bad.

is mee... kissa oh, you poor thing. hope dear one, there is always hope. =)

is mee... kissa hey! you liked it! oh, and your third image isn't popping up.

Cait Yeah, it was alright. And yeah I know it was so cute, too! I don't know why it's not :(

message 10: by Cait (new) - rated it 3 stars

Cait There I got it! :)

message 11: by is mee... kissa (new)

is mee... kissa i see it! ohh... it is cute. =D but you still have the 'i'll fix this later' thing up.

message 12: by Cait (new) - rated it 3 stars

Cait Yeah it's adorable :D ohh... I got it! :D I think that's it, hopefully!

message 13: by is mee... kissa (new)

is mee... kissa yep. i think you got it all.

message 14: by Cindy (new)

Cindy Great review! like the analogy of the snake:D So true to many trilogies and beyond out there. ONE book,even if it is a little longer would be nice, all neatly wrapped up in a pretty book.

message 15: by Cait (new) - rated it 3 stars

Cait Cindy wrote: "Great review! like the analogy of the snake:D So true to many trilogies and beyond out there. ONE book,even if it is a little longer would be nice, all neatly wrapped up in a pretty book."

Thank you, Cindy! :) and oh I know; I think seriously 80 percent of books that I've read have had horrible cliffhangers and none of them were needed. Sigh.

message 16: by Cindy (new)

Cindy I would have to agree! Happy reading:D

message 17: by Carrie (new) - added it

Carrie Kaut im slightly disappointed...i was hoping u had another book u hated ooooo ok read mercy i read it wasnt the greatest ull hate it!!! write an awesome review for it!! lol sorry u see it as a curse i view it as comic relief...are you reading wolfsbane yet? the andrea cremer thing has been blowing up my twitter apparently its phemenonal idk but i gotta read it...apparently you fall for Ren even more...idk im drifitng from the main a horrible book so when i have a bad day at work i can come home and laugh...i suggest mercy by something lim

message 18: by Carrie (new) - added it

Carrie Kaut i feel like christmas was just cancelled i got all excited when i read the first bit then its like i found coal in my stocking lol im like ready to stalk your reviews for all the books you hated and ranted like you did on passion that was

message 19: by is mee... kissa (new)

is mee... kissa Carrie wrote: "...apparently you fall for Ren even more..."
oh! do you really? *sigh* i love the guy already. but good! that means theirs Ren in it. not just Shay. whew! Ren my lovely! It's okay Calla, I'll take him.

message 20: by Carrie (new) - added it

Carrie Kaut i know ren is great *sigh*

message 21: by Cait (new) - rated it 3 stars

Cait Carrie wrote: "i feel like christmas was just cancelled i got all excited when i read the first bit then its like i found coal in my stocking lol im like ready to stalk your reviews for all the books you hated an..."

Hahahah sorry about that, Carrie. Well after this book I'm currently reading, I'll read an awful one just so I can get pissed off about it. Have you seen my Halo review? If you haven't you should check that one out. And I just did a book called Raised by Wolves review, and that one is pretty much snark. :)

message 22: by Carrie (new) - added it

Carrie Kaut oooo raised by wolves pissed me off!!! oo ill have to read your review lol

message 23: by Demo (new)

Demo I think I just died laughing. Thank you for giving me 3 minutes of amazingness and advice.

message 24: by Cait (new) - rated it 3 stars

Cait Demolition-Lover wrote: "I think I just died laughing. Thank you for giving me 3 minutes of amazingness and advice."

Hahahaha thank you! If you liked this one you should check out my Passion and Halo reviews. I think you'll like those as well :)

Chauntelle I Love how you mentions Jace in option B

and i totally agree with you some writer's these day's think it's cool to let the girl dump the nice (yet amazingly hot)guy for the older bad ass guy, and have the girls only talking about themselves and being depressed all the time!!!!!!!
AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE AWFUL CLIFFHANGER'S that get our minds racing with plots and story lines!!!
But the worst one's are when the author just seems to drag it out and after the 10th book in the series there is finally a happy ending after soo many unnecessary murder's

However I love this book i do intend to read like a million times, as they say you pick up on the little things you didn't read/or imagine before
and at first i thought it would have a similar plot to Fallen only because of the reincarnation's part but i definitely would suggest this as a easy-to-read book

Chauntelle although i am iffy on the idea of her writing a second book following this one lets hope it's just a trilogy or just the two :s

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