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Queens of Geek by Jen  Wilde
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it was amazing
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This is exactly the kind of book I have been needing. I feel as if Jen took every important part of my identity and created this book solely for me. Not only was this such a fun read, but it also had wonderful discussions about important topics. The characters felt so real that at times I felt like I was reading about my own friends.

The story follows two friends as they travel from Australia to the USA, to attend SupaCon:
-Charlie, a youtube star who recently starred in her first film and ended a year long relationship with her douchebag costar Reese
-Taylor, who has autism spectrum disorder with severe anxiety and is trying to cope with the pressure that comes with starting a new chapter in life and her feelings towards her best friend Jamie

I seriously can't believe how much of myself I saw in both Charlie and Taylor.

Reading about Taylor's struggle with anxiety was like looking in a mirror. It was so obvious to me that Jen Wilde understands anxiety. There were so many passages in here that made me cry because they describe feelings that I have never been able to put into words.
"Everything feels like I'm on a stage, spotlight on me, all eyes on me, watching, judging. Like I'm one second away from total disaster. It's invisible, it's irrational, it's never-ending. I could be standing there, smiling and chatting like everything is totally fine, while secretly wanting to scream and cry and run away. No one would every know. In my mind, no one can hear me scream."

I also loved the relationship between Taylor and Jamie. I was rooting for them to be together from page 1. The romantic tension between them was so strong and I was just screaming for someone to make the first move!
I fell every more in love with Taylor when she overheard a girl make a rude joke about her weight. I expected Taylor to be crushed and probably cry. But instead it lit a fire within her. I felt so proud of her for being confident in herself and not letting a mean girl take that from her.
"I'm not offended by the word 'fat,' even though you said it like it was the worst thing ever. I don't care what some random person thinks about my body. I like my body."

Charlie was incredible. I related to her so much. She is a youtube star and it was so fun hearing her talk about youtube culture and making videos. Also Charlie is bisexual. While at SupaCon she meets a girl she's been crushing on and they start a romance. And while this was Charlie's first experience with a girl, I loved how her story wasn't about her being bisexual. She was comfortable in her sexuality. There was one instance of biphobia, from her asshole ex, but it was immediately shot down.
“But how could you possibly know you’re bi? Have you ever been with a girl?”
I remember seeing the frustration written all over Charlie’s face, and I spoke up. “How did you know you were straight before you were with a girl, Reese? [...] He’s all for equality, but he doesn’t even believe bisexuality exists.” She rubbed her fingers over the space between her eyebrows like she had a headache. “You can’t pick and choose whose equality you support. That’s not equality.”

The friendship between Taylor and Charlie is hands down my favorite female friendship I've ever read. They both have so many of their own problems happening but that doesn't stop them from dropping everything and being there for the other. They are so supportive and don't judge one another. They really reminded me of my best friends.

Another thing that I loved was that Charlie is the daughter of Chinese immigrants. And there was this beautiful moment when she is playing a video game version of her movie, and she sees herself as a character in the game. It's such a pure moment and she is so proud to be represented in that way.

The setting in this book is what knocked it out of the park for me. It gave me flashbacks to when I have attended conventions with my friends. Which is why it felt so real to me. SupaCon seems like such a fun event, I really wished I was there with them. The nerd culture was so amazing to read about. From running for their lives in a zombie maze to participating in cosplay contests, this book was such a fun ride.

I really don't have anything negative to say about this book except that I'm sad I finished it. Please please please do yourself a favor and read this!
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message 1: by Ella (new) - added it

Ella Elektra I read that book recently too. In one sitting. Like, yes, I thought it was amazing, because it was fun and light while dealing with important topics at the same time. Loved it.

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jem okay you're making me really want to read it now haha

Esther I read it and loved it!

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