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Wake by Lisa McMann
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Mar 24, 2008

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bookshelves: fiction, read-in-2010, young-adult, paranormal

Janie Hannagan has an unusual talent - she can slip into people's dreams. Whether she wants to or not. Since she was 8 Janie has been pulled against her will into the dreams of others, falling into an apparent epileptic seizure when she's dragged from the present into dream. It's worse when it's her friends' dreams she's falling into, or the hot guy she sort of has a crush on. It's only later that Janie learns she's a Dream Catcher, someone able to help others by adjusting their dreams and empowering them.

I had high hopes for this book and it fell short on all accounts. The characters are flat and I didn't feel a connection with them. The plot is plodding and largely non-existent. The descriptions and writing are decent but nothing to rave about. There were a million and one little things that annoyed me.


Cabel falling in love with Janie I might buy but his willingness to sacrifice an entire undercover operation for her? Not so much. The captain's willingness to let Janie help and reveal the sting operation to her? Highly, highly improbable. The uber coincidence of Janie meeting another Dream Catcher who never bothers to help her when she's alive but after she's kicked the bucket is suddenly brimming with info and help. It felt contrived and forced. So many things did. The author's hand was so clearly hovering over her characters, nudging them into place like chess pieces in a badly played game. I won't be reading any of the other novels in this series.

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