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Touching Evil by Kay Hooper
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Mar 23, 2008

really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** "Touching Evil" was a rather fascinating book. The reviews I've read of it are rather polar. A lot of people loved it, and a lot of people hated it. I think it's the kind of book that would only appeal to certain people.

The story as a whole is very paranormal, dealing with extra-senses, reincarnation, and ultimate evil. There's a lot of technical jargon spattered throughout the book. Many found that to be distracting and unnecessary, but I thought it was interesting. Hooper obviously did a lot of research for the book and made everything seem very plausible. If you don't like paranormal, or don't like technical details, then you probably wouldn't like the book, but if you enjoy either of those, you'll find it appealing.

Plot-wise, it was a bit of a gruesome tale. It deals with a psycho who is going around raping, torturing and blinding his victims. Definitely not a pretty story. But it was a well-crafted plot, with nice twists and turns. It's a surprise at the end who the bad guy is.

On a romance scale, the book was lacking...but then, the book isn't labeled as a romantic suspense. Still, I expected there to be a little more. I liked the developing bond between Maggie and John. It had potential, but it's not really given time to properly develop before it's rushed into the love stage. Their "love" near the end of the book just seemed rather sudden and ill-fitting. I wasn't quite buying it. Another thing I didn't care for was the use of Kendra and Quinten in the book...not their use on the whole, but their introduction into the story. I got the feeling they'd been conceived in one of her other books, but if so, Hooper did a poor job of conveying their previous connection. I just felt like I was missing something on them.

The book is the first in Hooper's Evil trilogy, and though I liked it, I don't have any undying need to read the others. If I come across them, I'll probably pick them up, but I won't go searching for them. As far as I know, there's not a serious connecting story arc, so there just doesn't seem to be a hardcore reason to rush off and read the others.

On the whole, though the romance angle was lacking, the book was a good suspense and I enjoyed it.

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