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Age of Death by Michael J. Sullivan
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really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** Specific Warning: There are lots of questions and speculations at the end of this review. It contains several spoilers for this and previous books.

First, I really enjoyed both the beginning and the end of this book. The middle felt flat to me. I haven't exactly put my finger on why. Perhaps it just felt like filler material, I will be giving this a lot of thought in the next few days.

Second, I loved the thought provoking texture that came with the multi level afterlife. Primarily the question of what if we aren't with those we love after we die? Side note: My heart was so relieved when I realized that this means Persephone and Raithe will probably spend eternity together ♡ (I will be bitterly disappointed if we don't at least get a glimpse of that). This was a great additional element to the world of Elon.

Third, the ending is FAST! Like: "I just got hit in the face", "what just happened", "where's the rest of the book", fast. This leaves me worried that we won't get all the answers to all the questions we (I) need in the last book. What questions/answers you ask?

-The mural from the church in 'Disappearance of Winter's Daughter' depicts what appears to be an arrangement/agreement between Nyphron and Mawyndule. I need to know more about this!

-Again from 'Disappearance of Winter's Daughter' who is the first disciple of Brin?

-Where is the famous Bran from 'Brin and Bran'? Is he the first disciple?

-How is it that Mawyndule will escape alive? And Makareta will die? (Which we know from 'Death of Dulgath). And how does he convince Nyphron to let him live in this new empire and even lead 'the church'? (Probably goes back to that maddening mural).

- How/when does Nyphron die? (I'm actually looking forward to this)

- How do they decide where to build the Capitol? (I'm assuming Malcolm's request will be for Nyphron to not cross the Nidwalden and seize the forest throne.) But why build a Capitol in the middle of a continent?

- The Great Rain? Will this storyline feed into the Drumindor prequel? Please say 'yes'!

- Malcolm is Turin, is Kyle, and is Uberlin? I can't even start down this rabbit hole right now because it would add 20 more questions.

Do these questions keep me up at night? You bet! I've had hours long debates with friends and family about these books. That's what makes them so great!!!! I even love that I don't know all these things but can look forward to finding them out.
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Jeremy N I think the agreement Nephron has with Mawyndule is that instead of killing him he banishes him. Just a guess. I am also kept up at night pondering these questions among others.

Mikel Jeremy wrote: "I think the agreement Nephron has with Mawyndule is that instead of killing him he banishes him. Just a guess. I am also kept up at night pondering these questions among others."

That would explain why in the later series he lives so far up north in that Tower. However, I don't think the castle that, that tower was a part of was built until after the fall of the Empire. . . . I'll have to go back and look that up. I'm glad I'm not the only one kept up at night by these books.

Jeremy N I'm really trying to guess at Trilos's identity and Malcolm. Have you noticed Mari isn't in Phyre? There is suspiciously little said about her at all, other than she joined the others after Trilos was murdered. I think he might have something to do with the Typhons (there were 3 of them). Suri says in Age of Swords that the one who created the monster under Nieth was playing the "chords of creation" deep in the foundations of Elan in the abyss. Did he need a sacrifice to create that monster? Who imprisoned him there?

Did you notice Trilos tried to trade them secrets to weapons in exchange for his freedom? Rain said rumor suggests that Beatrice was traded for weapons at a really young age during the war with the elves. The one she bore a child to and died in childbirth. I wonder if there is a relationship there.

Who do you think is in the Grove acting as Alurya's guardian? (Mari or Giffords mom?)

Where was Ariea in Phyre? I found it strange she didn't meet Gifford at the gate. Was Giffords mom a god? Why does Ferrol single him out by saying "he" should have better sense than to follow an evil god.

message 4: by Michael (new) - added it

Michael Great thread. I can say that all will be revealed in time, meaning I've already written it, but I can't tell you when that time will be. I know I sound as cryptic as Beatrice, but neither of us want to spoil the story. Just be confident the answers are coming to all the questions, except one, which is way off base, but you'll understand that soon.

More is on the way, and no more cliffhangers. I didn't like them anymore than you. Thanks for sticking with me.


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